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While we all enjoy this time of year, we unfortunately spend a lot of time wondering how we can indulge and enjoy holiday parties, work events and fundraisers without feeling like a busted can of biscuits by December 31st. Many of us over-complicate this issue and end up stress-eating or flat out over-doing it for 2-3 months knowing that the New Year (and the endless resolution list) is right around the corner.

Sound about right? If so, you’ll be just as excited as we are about our new weight loss plan for 2014.

To help get your healthy eating back on track, we’ve created the 10-Day Shred — a diet and fitness program designed by Skinny Mom to kickstart your metabolism and help you drop those unwanted pounds and purge toxins.

When you sign up to download our FREE 10-Day Shred, you’ll get a super simple, clean and delicious 10-day meal and fitness plan. Trust us, this plan will keep you satisfied and energized, which is the perfect motivation for your 2014 resolutions!

Shred Download
Meal Plan:

  • 5 clean meals + a new, delicious skinny protein smoothie recipe daily
  • Vitamin guide
  • Clean eating approved-foods list
  • Sample meal recipes
  • Grocery list

Fitness Plan:

  • Original workouts that can be modified for any fitness level
  • All routines can be completed at home – no gym membership required

WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Interested in a bonus challenge to drop even more pounds in the New Year? Replace the first 3 days of the 10-Day Shred with our FREE 3-Day Detox! With a 3-Day Detox and 7 days of the Shred, you’ll be dropping that holiday weight, having more energy than ever and will be motivated to actually keep your resolutions this year!