As an adult, it’s perfectly acceptable for you to enjoy a beer after a long day, or even a short one for that matter. As long as you know the signs of binge drinking, there is no harm in having a cold one. However, you may be concerned about ingesting too many calories, but lucky for you, we’ve found 20 beers that won’t ruin your healthy diet!

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Michelob Ultra, 95 calories: This beer was reader’s choice, based on your Facebook comments! It’s a low cal beer, great for a hot day, and it won’t ruin your diet!


Photo Credit: Daily Burn

Omission Lager, 140 calories: A Gluten-Free, light AND tasty beer? This is definitely Skinny Mom approved! It’s got a great flavor that even beer-snobs won’t turn their nose up to. Pair it with one of these delicious gluten-free meals, and you’re good to go.

omission lager

Photo Credit: Omission

Founder’s All Day IPA, 141 calories: This is a beer you’ve been waiting for. Very refreshing for this hot summer, and great after a long day.

founders beer

Photo Credit: Founder’s Brewing

Sam Adams Light. 119 calories: The deep and rich flavor of this light beer may leave you surprised it’s actually categorized as light!

sam adams light

Photo Credit: Brewing Some Fun

Fat tire Amber Ale, 160 calories: This dark belgian beer is light on the stomach. It’s got a sweet malt taste that goes great with a refreshing summer salad!


Photo Credit: New Belgium

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