My sister-in-law invited us over for a cookout last night and I gladly accepted the invite as she is an amazing cook and we love hanging out with them, not to mention that it makes for one less night that I have to worry about cooking dinner.

The cookout was fun and as always, my sister-in-law prepared a fantastic meal. I had told myself before going inside that I was not going to eat dessert as I have been trying to get myself back into fitness competition training mode.  I had almost made it out the door and then she pulls out this amazing homemade chocolate cake.  The cake was just staring at me and it looked so good.  In my weakness, I gave in and I had a really small piece that I split with my husband.  The cake was delicious and worth every calorie, plus I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the cake was actually not that bad for me as she made it with Diet Coke®!  My sister-in-law was kind enough to pass along the recipe.  I hope you enjoy!


*I understand that the word healthy holds a different meaning for every individual, and I am not claiming the diet soda in this recipe makes this cake healthy. For me, it is important to cut calories and fat in my cooking — making them skinny — and this is a trick I’ve learned along the way. I understand the research on diet soda. I am human and I occasionally enjoy a diet soda…even in my baking.