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Have you always wanted to try vegetarian food but feared you’d be forced to reduce your restaurant meals to either lettuce or imitation ravioli that tastes like kindergarten paste? If you are on the lookout for some tasty treats that come PETA approved, here’s a quick look at some of America’s top vegetarian restaurants.

#1 – Candle 79, New York City, NY – Candle 70 has locations on both the Upper East and Upper West sides of Manhattan, and offer both dine in and catering options. On the menu, you’ll find everything from Spring Rolls to Tuscan Lasagna. The restaurant even offers special juice shots and blended smoothies.

#2 – Green Zebra, Chicago, IL – Described by many customers as warm, friendly and cozy, the Green Zebra is strictly vegetarian offering no meatless substitutes. Some of the menu items are a bit difficult to figure out, but the staff has been trained to help you match a veggie cuisine to your delicate pallet.

#3 – Dragonfly Neo-V, Columbus, OH – More than just your average restaurant, Dragonfly Neo-V offers a traditional vegetarian menu with a kick of new age flare. They offer both dine in and catering options, weekly features on the menu as well as happy hour specials and a farm market where you can grab food and drinks to go.

#4 – Laughing Seed Café, Asheville, NC – The Laughing seed is all about global fusion wrapped in an Earth friendly vegan package. They offer everything from a local cheese plate to Egg Plant Parmesan to Spinach Pesto Manicotti. Looking for a good cheat meal without sacrificing your pledge to stay on the green wagon? Try the Laughing Cow’s Jalapeño Onion Fries or their East-West Quesadilla.

#5 – Café Sunflower, Atlanta, GA – With two locations, one in Buckhead and one in Sandy Springs, Café Sunflower brings the best of vegetarianism to the Georgia area. They offer a wide variety of menu options for both adults and kids and both locations also serve beer and wine.

#6 – Melt, Cincinnati, OH – Located on the Northside of Cincinnati, Melt offers a selection of deli type foods such as sandwiches, soups and salads and the restaurant was voted Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Cincinnati four years in a row. Melt also has catering options and is open for brunch on Sundays.

#7 – Sage’s Café, Salt Lake City, UT – Sage’s is not only a vegetarian restaurant, they are also one the few that are 90% organic all year round. They have won City Weekly’s Best award for best vegetarian restaurant eight years in a row, and local claims their service is just as good as their food. They are all about catering to their customers and offer a kid’s menu, a sensitivity menu (for those with special allergies), shakes and smoothies, sides only and they serve beer and wine.

#8 – Seva, Ann Arbor, MI –Seva now has two locations, one in Ann Arbor and one in Detroit. They offer weekly specials, margarita specials and Sunday brunch. Seva prides themselves on catering to customers and welcomes special requests due to food allergies. Some of their most popular items are Yam Fries, Enchiladas Calabaza and the TLT.

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#9 – Bliss, Brooklyn, NY – Located in the heart of Brooklyn, Bliss offers dine in options as well as carryout and delivery. They offer both traditional items like bagels and pancakes as well as some saucier ones like Curry Supreme and Organic Citrus Sensation.

#10 – Green, Scottsdale, AZ – Green goes beyond the vegetarian option and takes it one step further –  vegan. Offering American vegan cuisine, Green makes vegan food both look and tastes like a work of art. Offering everything from salads to pizza to “burgers”, Green is sure to have something on the menu for everyone in your dining party.