Everyone loves the look of a good blowout. It gives your hair shine, bounce and a seriously sexy finish. Unfortunately, few women are lucky enough to have a hairdresser at their beck and call for daily touch ups. The fact is getting an amazing blowout does not always require the precise hand of a pro; all you really need is a little patience, some guidance and the right tools!

The first tip in achieving a great blowout is to use the right product. While gels and mousses will work, most professionals prefer to use a styling lotion. Styling lotions give a bit more hold to your blowout without weighing it down, and many come with the added bonus of heat protection.

The next and probably most important tip is to have a good round brush. Brushes with boar bristles are often best if you wish to straighten the hair, while brushes with a metal core work best for body and curl. Much like a curling iron, the smaller the brush is, the tighter the curl will be.

The next step is to make sure your hair is about 75% dry before you begin using your round brush. You may choose to let your hair air dry or dry on low to medium heat with the blow dryer. Trying to use the round brush while hair is soaking wet will only lead to tangles and major frustration for you!

Now you must section your hair. You may wish just to section off the top from the bottom, or to make things even easier, section the bottom half into three sections (back and two sides) and then do the same with the top half. Begin with the bottom sections, and start winding 1” – 2” pieces of your hair around the brush. Point the nozzle down and slowly pull the brush in the direction you want the curl to be. For volume, try curling large sections back and away from your face. For smaller more Victoria Secret like curls, try winding the hair loosely on a smaller brush in a spiral direction and then unwinding after the section is dry.

If you are trying to straighten your hair you may wish to skip this next step. However, if volume or curl is what you desire, set each section after it is curled by either pinning it with a bobby pin or hair clip, or pop it up in a Velcro roller to cool. Spray hair with a light hairspray to lock in the style.

After about 20 minutes, take hair out of the clips or rollers one by one, beginning at the bottom again. Gently tousle with your hands or brush gently, add a few drops of shine serum and another blast of hairspray, and you’re simple and sexy blowout is good to go!
Photo Credit: James Broad via Compfight cc