Looking around at little ones this spring, you’ll notice that mismatching colors, prints, and styles is the latest trend. Being perfectly matched is a thing of the past. Now just about anything pairs together for a funky, colorful combination that still manages to be pleasing to the eye. It takes a little skill to mismatch well, but many designers are making it easy for even the most style-challenged mama.

Babylady Inc., a lovely design house founded in 2009 by Kat West, brings the funk and basic colors necessary for a perfectly mismatched outfit. With unique shapes and styles alongside basic colors, such as Babylady Inc.’s Harem Pants, Frankie Shorts, Redding Tank, and Jesse Jumper, it’s easy to create a unique outfit using these basic pieces. Pair with stripes, dots, or bold graphics, or simply wear the adorable Jesse Jumper or Danni Dress alone to create a sensation on your little one.

These styles are also great because they can be worn all year long. With more muted colors and classic prints such as the sweet gingham on the Danni Dress, these pieces will not go out of style soon. A cozy cardigan or funky tights can make Babylady Inc.’s styles last year round. The easy shapes will also allow your little one to grow with the pieces. The Harem Pants can easily turn into Harem Capris!

“Live. Breathe. Create. Bloom.” is the mantra of Babylady Inc. and something that is tangibly seen in Kat West’s designs. Each piece is simple yet completely unique, very comfortable for ease of movement, and made in lovely colors that mix well with just about anything. Pieces from Babylady Inc.’s Spring collection provide the core essentials for your child’s wardrobe. With sizes ranging from 2T  to 8 years and several choices for boys too, Babylady Inc. has you covered.

Babylady Inc.’s mission is simple, “We want to inspire and ignite creativity. We want people to be fearless in a world where everyone dresses as an extension of happiness.” To find this lovely collection, visit Babylady Inc.’s stockists.