I am not a fan of fat free salad dressing. I mean, come on….you are having a salad! Lighten up a little bit (pun intended). I always go with a less fat/lower calorie version of my favorite bottled salad dressings.  Two in particular: KRAFT Light Catalina and KENS Light Italian. They are awesome. I alternate every few days and occasionally I will attempt to try a new brand but I always fall back to these two.  The average “light” salad dressing runs about 50+ calories per two tablespoons. Now, I don’t know about you, but two tablespoons for a nice big salad is never enough for me. This is one way I cut the calories in the dressing so I can have a salad covered in dressing…just like a fat girl likes it.

Here is a way to slim down  the calories and still maintain the full flavor of the dressing:

  1. Pour the entire contents of your selected dressing into two bowls. 1/2 of the bottle in one bowl. 1/2 of the bottle in a second bowl.
  2. Add 1/2 cup of vinegar (your choice-red, balsamic, white) to each individual bowl and stir. I prefer white vinegar because each of these dressings are white vinegar based. For best results you will want to use whatever vinegar is used is the dressing.
  3. Mix up the dressings and refrigerate. The longer the vinegar is combined with the dressing the better it will be. Make sure you do a taste test. If a 1/2 cup is too much then lessen it- cutting it just a little bit will still make it lesser calories. If you want add more- then go for it. It is all about you and what you like, but remember – slimming down your dressing with slim down your dress size!