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I’ve always loved summertime.  Iced tea or lemonade on the front porch swing after an afternoon spent pool or lakeside.  Yes, I always loved summertime, until I had to spend last summer pregnant.  I am fairly certain my body temperature reached the point of boiling, and had I swollen up anymore I would have resembled that girl from “Willy Wonka”… the one who ate the bubble gum!

Being pregnant during, what always seems to be, the “hottest summer on record” doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself inside your air conditioned home all day, in that oversized stained t-shirt you stole from your husband.  It just means that maybe you have to think twice about a few things before you venture out into the scorching hot outdoors.

  • FLIP FLOPS – Visit Old Navy and buy them in bulk.  With all the swelling I faced due to the humidity, just about the only shoe I could get on my feet in month 9 was my trusty 2 dollar flip flops.  Save the wedged heels for date night, but pack a pair of flip flops in the car…just in case!
  • WATER, WATER, WATER – Invest in an extra large water bottle.  I purchased a Big Bubba Mug from Walmart, and never went anywhere with out it full of ice water. The best part was that it kept my drink cold for hours, and held a lot of water.  Trust me, you’ll need/want it.
  • COMFORTABLE CLOTHES – My favorite maternity piece was a Maxi dress purchased at Motherhood Maternity.  It was cotton, light, flowy, and I didn’t have to worry about anything hanging out while packing around the belly and a 17 month old!
  • PONY TAIL – Get comfortable with it. I’ve always heard that pregnancy isn’t the ideal time to get a new “do”.  So embrace those long, full locks that come with the hormones, but pull them up.  Style it up by adding a cute headband, or wrapping a piece of hair around the band.
  • GET THE RIGHT SUIT – Try before you buy. Make sure it’s something comfortable, and while that one piece may slim you down, are you really going to enjoy taking that off every time you have to pee?  Which lately seems like all the time.
  • LATHER THE SUNSCREEN – Pregnancy brings on all types of changes, one being your skin.  Most pregnant women are more prone to burn than they previously were.
  • WIPES -  Keep them on you or in your car at all times. This is a habit you should get used to before baby comes anyway.  But they are a great way to clean up when there’s not a shower near by…let’s say after that lunch break your coworkers just HAD TO HAVE on the patio today!
  • DITCH THE MAKEUP – Chances are the hot flashes are just going to melt it off anywho! For a lot of women, pregnancy does AMAZING things for your skin.  You have a glow that even the queen would be envious of and with a subtle tan, who needs it?  Stick to a lipgloss and mascara.
  • SUNGLASSES – Invest in a big ole pair! A cute pair of shades can style up ANYTHING.  The bigger they are, the less work you have to do.  Heck, even get a fedora.  No makeup, ponytail, maxi dress, flip flops, and big sunglasses….No one will know you are just trying to keep it simple and comfortable.  They will be far too busy admiring how fabulous you are looking!

The biggest advice I can pass on is to listen to your body.  If you feel the need to lay around that oversized t-shirt, under the fan, with a good book all day….GO FOR IT!!  Being pregnant is all about taking care of yourself and that perfect little life you are creating.  So stay cool, and fabulous ladies!