Not only am I a mother to two children and a blogger, but I also rep Stella & Dot  jewelry. Stella & Dot is a super trendy jewelry line sold mainly through home parties and via the internet. If you are a stay and home mom and looking to make some extra cash on the side, this is definitely the job for you. You are in control of everything, your hours, your salary, and no one tells you what to do. I try to do at least three home parties a month. Stella & Dot have made it super easy for anyone to basically run their own business, from the specially designed platform you work on, right down to where you can order business cards. And at first, the thought of actually “selling” something again brought me back to my showroom days and how I dreaded that, but truly the jewelry sells itself. And women go nuts over it! I feel like every party I attend is just a fun night out for me, except that I’m bringing home a pay check!

Here are some of my favorite Stella & Dot pieces….

Luna Wrap bracelet

Renegade bracelet

Serenity Stone Drops

Stevie Necklace