Many people set high hopes and clear goals for their fitness/healthy eating routines before summer, as fine tuning that bikini bod is a high priority before pool season. While we are now heading towards August, some of our commitment and dedication may be slipping as fall is getting closer. In order to refocus and motivate you to keep to your summer goals a priority (pool season isn’t over YET, ladies!), I’ve called upon Anna Renderer, fitness director at Burn 60, to give us 3 tips for a sexy summer body.

Anna specializes in weight loss and optimal performance training, developed SHED IT NOW™, a personal training and online fitness education program,, and produced her first DVD called “SHED 2 WED”, helping women lose weight and get toned before their wedding. Anna is also the co-founder and CEO of KFIT Health, creating stronger and healthier kids, She is developing a DVD program in collaboration with a Pediatrician to provide high quality nutrition and fitness information to children and their parents.

Needless to say, Anna has the perfect background to give us just the motivational boost we need. Summer is not over yet, so let’s not throw our healthy eating and exercise out the window as we anticipate covering our bodies back up with fall’s hottest trends.

Three Tips for a Sexy Summer Body

1. Cut Calories During Happy Hour: Summer is a social time for everyone! Who doesn’t like cold refreshments with friends? Ways to cut calories when out to eat or socializing at a party:

  • Try a spritzer! By adding soda water to your white wine or beer, you can eliminate several unnecessary calories.
  • Add water! By alternating a glass of water in between your beer or wine, you will slow down on drinking that extra two or three high calorie drinks and stay hydrated instead. Not only will you eliminate a hangover from staying hydrated, you will feel ready for a great workout the next day!
  • Avoid the mixers! All those fancy cocktails that sound so delicious are like eating a candy bar! It’s about 250 calories of mostly sugar…so avoid them and stick to fresh ingredients for flavor such as fresh lime, lemon, mint, or berries.

2. Add variety by enjoying the outdoors and cross train with different modes of activity. In order to change your fitness, it’s important to challenge the body in different ways:

  • If you tend to mix strength training and running for a workout plan, try a swim or bike on the alternative days. This will make a workout feel new and effective.
  • If you are a runner that goes on 8-10 mile runs for an average workout, try incorporating some bodyweight lunges, squats, push ups, and core exercises during your runs. This will be a light strength workout but will add variety and challenge to your routine.
  • Go hiking! Pick a trail with hills that has a distance similar to or half that of an average cardio workout. Hiking challenges strength and cardiovascular endurance and you can do intervals of running and walking to add intensity. This is also a great way to spend time with friends or enjoy a date!

3. Participate in circuit training at least 2 days per week.

WHY: Circuit training gives more benefits than traditional cardio, because it places a higher demand on the muscular, nervous, and metabolic systems while still emphasizing the cardiovascular benefits of traditional cardio. Circuit training will challenge your strength, coordination, reaction, heart rate, breathing rate, and overall physical demand, which in essence, is the goal in trying to stay lean and toned.

WHAT is Circuit Training: Performing a series of strength training exercises that challenge different muscle groups in a consistent and repetitive pattern. An example would be to perform 10 push ups followed by 15 squat jumps, 10 bench dips, 15 burpees, and 20 leg lifts. Then repeating this circuit again for about 3 sets.