I am 37 years old and I have hurt my back.  I was not doing any great athletic feat or even rearranging furniture.  I was doing laundry.  Yes, you heard me, laundry.  Last Sunday, I had a mound of dirty laundry and decided I would get it all done in one day.  I can only guess that bending over and carrying the hampers around the house was the action that caused this lower back pain.   I took it easy this week and when it felt better on Tuesday, I went outside and of course moved a potted plant that weighs about 50lbs.  I have moved this plant so many times and not given it any thought, but this time was a HUGE mistake.  Three days later and my back is still throbbing.

What is going on with my back?  Am I a weak person?  Should I go ahead and order a walker and throw in the towel?  Nope, I am just getting older and I need to reevaluate my workout plan.  When my oldest child was young, I was doing lots of work with weights in the gym and really paid attention to keeping my back strong.  I have been super lazy this past year and now I am paying for it.  I put the blame completely on my wonderful and loving husband’s shoulders.  He was deployed for a year and when he came home I fell off the workout wagon.  After being a single parent for a year, I was exhausted mentally and physically.  I had no energy or desire to do anything.  I just wanted to be with my family and relax.  Well, relax I did, and now look where it got me!  This has been a wake up call for me.  I had started to ease back into my old workout life this past month and I am now even more determined to step up my game.  I cannot be the wife and mother I want to be if I am nursing a lower back injury.

On my “plate” for this weekend….LOTS of stretching and some swimming to get my back ready for the week to come.  This lady is not going to accept that it is a part of getting older!  Strengthening my core will be number one on my list.  I believe the best years are yet to come, and I plan to be a body in motion, not a body with a walker!