Everyone who knows me knows I miss my flat stomach. I was fortunate enough to have a nice flat tummy until my 30s. I started to lose it after my Myomectomy (fibroid tumor removal from my uterus). They cut into my abdominal wall and I pretty much could say good-bye to that nice, flat stomach. After that, I had three babies along with three cesarean sections. So my abdominal muscles are not strong and I suspect they never plan to be flat again. Still I obsess. I think about it all the time. I remember my flat tummy and I miss it.

Since I obsess over it,  I also notice every flat tummy I come across.  If you don’t have a flat tummy I think, “ok, she struggles too”. If you have a flat tummy I think, “I hate you”. OK, just kidding! I think “Lucky duck”.  I notice all the flat tummies on actresses in movies and television shows. The fashion styles I love in Pinterest have a woman with a flat tummy.  The clothes hang beautifully on her because she does not have a bulge of fat tummy sticking out over her waistband. I can’t stop thinking about it. Of course you’d think I’d be doing abdominal exercises all day and working towards that 6-pack goal.  Some weeks I do, but most weeks I don’t.  I do want to be that person that does work towards that flat tummy goal. I want to be motivated. I need to be motivated.

I’ve come across some rules on Wikihow to follow to gain that flat tummy I desire:

1) Get enough sleep at night. Sleep deprivation slows down your metabolism.

2) Eat lean protein.

3) Eat smaller meals.

4) Eat raw fruits and vegetables. They take longer to digest, keeping you full longer.

5) Do not eat anything 2 hours before bed.

6) Drink plenty of water.

7) Do 30 minutes of aerobic activity daily. Do a variety of abdominal and cardio workouts.

8) Raise your metabolic rate.

So there you go, girls! Follow these steps and get your gorgeous, flat abs!! I know I can change many things to help flatten my tummy. I know it because I have done it. I just wish I could go that extra step and make them 6 pack abs! I think this should be a challenge to myself, therefore I am going to follow these rules and cross my fingers!

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