Lena, my two year old (going on 16) recently entered into the world of education, and she LOVE LOVE LOVES it!  While she only goes twice a week for 3 hours, I can already see the amazing development.  Her excitement for learning is much do in part to her amazing teachers.  So I decided that I wanted to do a little something for them to say thanks (actually Lena asked me the other day if she could get them a “Pwesent”, and how could I say no to giving?!)  I am a SUCKER for themed gifts, and really just gifts in general.  Any excuse to buy for someone else, and I am all over it.

So I decided to put together a fall themed gift for them.  I found the most ADORABLE hand soap dispensers at tjmaxx, paired with some pumpkin dishtowels, and packaged in an adorable wine sack- the soaps are tall and skinny with a vintage print on the front and a pumpkin scent. The card reads “Thanks for helping me FALL for learning!!  I am so excited about them.  I was going to wait until her class Halloween party to give them, but am unsure if I Lena can wait until then!

What’s your favorite “themed” gift you have ever received or given?  We’d love to hear it all and add them to our idea books!

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