Lately my husband and I have been cutting back on our “refined” sugar in take.  I’ve been using stevia and raw can sugar instead, and have also tried ridding our house of sodas, cookies, and other sweets.  It’s a tedious and slow going process, especially since EVERYTHING seems to have sugar in it these days!  But I know that in the world of health and prevention, a little goes a long way.

With Halloween just a couple of weeks away, I found myself stumbling over how I would rid my house of the cavity causing candy, without feeling like I was being “wasteful”.  The option of skipping trick-or-treating was out.  I LOVE Halloween, and this is the first year both kids are old enough to have a blast during it.  So, we will be making our rounds to show off their adorableness.

After my web research, I decided that this year we would be sorting through and donating all of our candy to troops overseas (and a very special cousin stationed up North)!!  I am beyond excited about doing this and making it a tradition.  I love finding ways to incorporate a lesson and teaching my kids how to be generous and giving.  We will be hosting a Halloween gathering this year at our house, and I am also going to have cards and coloring books for all the kids to write notes to the soldiers to send with our packages.

To find out how you can donate Halloween candy check out these sites: Operating Gratitude  and Operation Shoe Box.

What do you do with that mound of Halloween candy collected?

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