With having four children to dress-up for Halloween, it can get pretty expensive!! So I usually end up making one or two of the costumes myself – and really nothing beats having a homemade costume. I LOVE being creative, so for me, this is a GREAT way to tap into my creativity. Here are two “Simple & Inexpensive Halloween  Costumes” to make.

Scarecrow:   You can find most items at your local thrift store.

  • A large straw hat with  a flower glued to the side of it and raffia glued to the edges
  • Over sized flannel shirt
  • Faded blue jeans or overalls with patches glued on
  • Rope for belt and to tie at the cuffs of the shirt
  • Stuff the shirt with a pillow
  • Glue some raffia or straw to hang out of jeans and shirt
  • Gardner’s gloves
  • Add a little bit of make-up.

Dice: Walmart has a ton of boxes, you just have to ask!

  • Cardboard box  (large enough to fit your torso)
  • Cut out head and arms holes
  • Cover the box with large white construction paper
  • Cut out black circles from construction paper ( I used a small plate to trace my circles)
  • Glue circles on each side of the box (to look like a dice)

Halloween costume possibilities are endless!! You don’t even need to be crafty – all it takes is a little imagination!!