Can’t we all just have a little fun this Halloween?! Skinny Mom says, “yes!” Whether you are throwing the in-class party, your neighborhood party or a costume-party to be remembered, you and your little ones will have a great time.  With these 10 games, your get-together will be so good…it’s scary!


1. Creepy Face Changer by Bloesem Kids

2. Spook Spotter by Tip Junkie

3. Pin the Bow Tie on the Skeleton by Its Written On the Walls

4. Guess the Gruesome Object by Tip Junkie

5. Boo Bowling by It’s Written on the Walls



1. Clue by

2. Halloween Feel Box: who said this was only for kids?! by

3.  Halloween Sip and See by Living on Love and Cents

4. Wrap the Mummy by Good Ideas and Tips

5. Monster-Mash Dance Off and Guess Who Am I? by Punchbowl


Enjoy the Monster Mash up of activities!!!