You may not know this, but watermelon is a super food, meaning it burns more calories to eat it than costs you to ingest. Even though it’s messy to cut up, it’s also a super versatile food. From salads to dressings, watermelon is the perfect refreshing flavor. Here are six yummy recipes just in time for summer! (photo credit here)

1. Tomato Watermelon Sorbet: Strange combination, yes! But this refreshing ice treat is sure to please the crowd. (via MyRecipes) (photo credit here)

2. Watermelon, Mâche, and Pecan Salad: Tired of boring, plain salads? Try this sweet and savory salad that will be your family’s new favorite! Blue cheese, tangy vinaigrette and pecans make this a surprisingly tart dish. (via MyRecipes) (photo credit here)

3. Refreshing Summer Salad: Here is another yummy salad perfect to get you out of a boring food rut. This one adds the tasty addition of mango and it’s quick and easy to make! (via AllRecipes) (photo credit here)

4.Watermelon Pie: Perfect new sweet treat recipe for summer! Try substituting the sugar with an all natural, alternative sweetener for an even healthier treat. (via AllRecipes) (photo credit here)

5. Watermelon Muffins: These muffins are made nice and moist by the watermelon juice. You can make them with either chocolate chips or raisins. You can switch it up whenever you want. (via (photo credit here)

 6. Watermelon Honey: A sweet topping to your morning toast, or to switch up a PB&J to a PB&H. Careful though, this recipe is time consuming!  (via (photo credit here)