Oh, the joys of motherhood, womanhood, and all the other ‘hoods we’ve been blessed with as women. Along with these titles comes being the morning organizer, cheerleader, and drill sergeant. By my second child, I finally got mornings down right (well, most of the time).

At any given time I could have two or three large fundraising projects going on, so morning organization is a must, especially since I wouldn’t really consider myself a “morning person.” Here are some methods I followed to help my mornings run a little smoother!

1. Plan ahead. I do my best work late at night so I use it to my benefit.  I utilize that time to get things ready for the next day. For example: lunch preparation, sign permission slips, etc.


2. Set aside. Have a spot for all the things you need to take with you the next day.  This eliminates spending time looking around for it or worse, leaving it behind. (photo credit here)


3. Keep calm. No one wants to start her day with unnecessary stress and yelling. It really does no good and uses way too much energy.


4. Take advantage of technology. Utilize the delay settings on your dishwasher and washing machine.  My daughter’s dance schedule doesn’t allow much free time in the evenings, so I’ve had to get creative to get daily tasks completed.


5. Don’t neglect your workout. Don’t let a crazy morning stop you from going to the gym; pack your gym bag the night before.


6. Keep tabs on the kids. Make sure homework is taken care of the night before. Having a family calendar posted for the entire family to see helps eliminate poor communication and procrastination!


7. Meditate. Take time out to read a devotional or whatever it is you need to get your mind right in the morning.


8. Center yourself. Start your day with yoga or Pilates. This always seems to center me and help get my day started.


9. Keep it healthy. Don’t skimp on a nutritional breakfast for you and your family.  Smoothies are a go-to breakfast source for us because they are nutrient-dense and super easy to whip up. Find some great smoothie recipes here.


10. Go out and make a difference! Be thankful you’ve been given another day and put a smile on that beautiful face!