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9 Slow Cooker Recipes Under 350 Calories

Posted By Heather Foley On March 21, 2014 @ 8:00 pm In Food,Food + Nutrition | 5 Comments

Slow cookers [1] are a busy mom’s secret weapon.  There’s no easier way to get dinner on the table than throwing a few ingredients together and going about your day.  Slow cooker meals [2] are probably most commonly associated with heavy comfort food, but they can be a real asset to those of us looking to lose weight.  Preparing healthy food doesn’t have to be a full time job. Healthy slow cooker meals are the way to go to save time, money, and your sanity [3]!

Crock Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup [4]: Chicken, tortillas, tomatoes, jalapenos, and all kinds of Mexican food goodness for less than 250 calories?  Make this soup on a Sunday and you’ll have lunch for the whole week, saving you calories and dollars! (via The Skinny Fork [5])


Honey Garlic Chicken [8]: At only 177 calories a serving you can have a double serving for dinner and not break the calorie bank.  You can serve this chicken dish over quinoa [9] or couscous [10], with some veggies, or even stuff it in some pita bread. Talk about nom-worthy and versatile! (via Slender Kitchen [11])


Crock Pot French Onion Soup [13]: French onion soup might be the single best way to start a meal, but the only problem is traditional baked French onion soup you get in a restaurant can run you almost 600 calories. Well, there goes your day.  This recipe for crockpot French onion soup has a fraction of the calories without sacrificing any yummy goodness. How can you not give it a try? (via Slender Kitchen [11])


Crock Po [15]t Stuffed Bell [15] Peppers [15]: Stuffed peppers can sometimes be a bit greasy and fatty, but so delicious! Lean ground beef, brown rice, and no added fats help keep this stuffed pepper recipe on the light side. The perfect dish for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! (via Spark People [16]) (photo credit [17])

crock pot stuffed peppers

Turkey Meatloaf [19]: This turkey meatloaf will be a hit with the whole family, even the pickiest little eaters.  Long, slow cooking keeps this meatloaf super moist, and with each serving around 200 calories you don’t have to feel guilty for indulging in some slimmed down comfort food [20]. (via One Little Mister [21])


Banana Bread Quinoa [23]: Crock pots aren’t just for dinner. How about waking up to a big warm pot of banana bread quinoa?  And even though this is technically a breakfast, you’re going to want to eat it all day. And since it’s only 260 calories and is packed with superfood quinoa [24] you can. (via The Realistic Nutritionist [25])


Slow Cooker Pulled Pork [27]: Pulled pork is always a crowd pleaser, and with this Skinny Mom recipe no one will know you’re serving them a lower calorie version!  If you’re lucky enough to have leftovers, this dish reheats great the next day. (via Skinny Mom [28])


Chinese Pork and Vegetable Hot Pot [30]: This Asian inspired recipe isn’t your typical slow cooker fare, which is why we love it!  This dish is great over rice, noodles, veggies or on it’s own. (via Eating Well [31])


Slow Cooker Baked Apples [33]Why should main dishes get all the slow cooker fun?  Try your hand at a slow cooker dessert with these healthy baked apples.  And just think of how good your house is going to smell with these babies cooking all day! (via Spark People [34])


Want more slow cooker goodness? Check out our recipe index packed with the best of the best slow cooker meals [1]!

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