The holidays are the most tempting time of year for me to indulge in desserts, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. With holiday cookies, cupcakes, tarts and gooey goodness, the calories and fat can seriously pack on quickly. Thank goodness for this skinny dessert roundup, though, because you can have your cake and eat it, too! From all corners of the web, you can enjoy sweet and savory flavors, sensational food combinations and creative displays. Trust me, your holiday guests will be thanking you!

skinny apple pie cake

Skinny Apple Pie Cake: This cake recipe is a variation of one of my favorite classic dishes, apple pie.  I wanted to create a recipe that combined apples, cinnamon, and spice flavors into a delicious cake that I could serve with ice cream or a whipped topping. It turned out incredible! (via Skinny Mom)


Skinny Peanut Butter Cups: You don’t have to give up the mesmerizing taste of a peanut butter cup just because you decided to eat healthy. These skinny cups will more than satisfy any chocolate cravings you have and they’re actually good for you!  (via Dashing Dish)


Single Serve Pumpkin Pie: These adorable little pumpkin pies are so easy to make and they only take two minutes! You don’t have to worry about portion control since they’re already perfect for one and they’re only 60 calories each, which leaves plenty of room for some whipped cream topping!  (via The Super Sisters)


Skinny Fudge Brownies:  I usually am a boxed brownie kind of girl because of the convenience, but I decided to try making these brownies from scratch and I am so happy with how they turned out!  I replaced the oil that most brownie recipes call for with applesauce and I decided to mix brown sugar, sugar, and Splenda for the sweetener. They were ooey-gooey deliciousness. (via Skinny Mom)


Autumn Apple and Grape Medley: This recipe is a decadent dessert as well as great for breakfast, lunch, or a daytime snack. It’s so simple while being full of flavor. Hello, perfect fall recipe!  (via Skinny Taste)


Healthy Mint Chip Milkshake: The color of this milkshake is beautiful! It looks and tastes so minty, but there’s a secret. The green color actually comes from a few handfuls of spinach! Both you and your kids will love this healthy, flavorsome treat. (via Yummy Mummy Kitchen)


Pecan Pie Cookie Dough Balls:  You’ll go nuts over these pecan pie cookie dough balls that you can make in minutes. You’ll love snacking on these delectable, yet healthy for you, bites! (via Chocolate Covered Katie)

Skinny Peach Berry Cobbler: Fruit cobbler is a staple at cook outs and family get-togethers but can be loaded with too much butter and sugar. I’ve created the perfect skinny solution. Trust me, this cobbler turns out just as good as the full fat version!  (via Skinny Mom)

cocoa date truffles

Cocoa Date Truffles: Coconut and dates together for one tantalizing dessert? Yes, please! They contain less than 50 good for you calories, so you have no excuse not to try this recipe.  (via Prevention RD)


Skinny Eggnog Cake: This is the ideal dessert for the holidays and it won’t put your diet in jeopardy. It’s quick to make and you probably already have most of the ingredients in your kitchen. Topped with whipped cream with spiked rum makes it a great dessert to get any party started!  (via Skinny Taste)


Gluten-Free Brownie Cookies: These delicate brownie cookies are slammin’! They’re made with coconut oil which helps lower your risk for cardiovascular disease, helps you lose more weight, and boosts your immune system. How much more inviting do they sound now!?  (via Girl Makes Food)

skinny strawberry piie

Skinny Strawberry Pie: The skinny swaps in this recipe don’t sacrifice taste or flavor at all, and I actually think it tastes better than the full fat, high calorie versions. With only 10 minutes of prep time, you’ll be saving yourself loads of time in the kitchen. Just remember to give yourself 1-2 hours to refrigerate before serving. (via Skinny Mom)


Snowball Cookies: Although these cookies go by many different names, such as Mexican wedding cookies, all results have that melt in your mouth charm. They’re the perfect holiday treat that everyone will be sure to love!  (via Chocolate Covered Katie)


Skinny No-Bake Biscoff Pie: With a graham cracker pie crust and cool whip topping, this recipe is one of my favorites! It gets more appetizing with each and every bite, and who doesn’t love a good no-bake recipe?! (via Skinny Mom)

fruit kebabs

Fruit Kebabs with Chocolate: All you need to create this treat is fruit, chocolate, and skewers! You can use any fruit your heart desires so you can really make this dessert your own. This is super fun to get the kids involved too. Messy chocolate hands equals some happy kiddos. (via This Rawsome Vegan Life)


Gingerbread Cookie Protein Shake: Your favorite holiday cookie in the form of a protein shake that tastes just like a milkshake…say what!? This recipe is definitely a keeper!  (via Dashing Dish)


Skinny Pistachio Cake:  This cake is perfect for cookouts, brunch or holiday get-togethers. The pistachio flavor is so rich when paired with the light Cool Whip Free topping. Feel free to turn up the green color by adding in some food coloring. I simply left the cake as is and it turned out a beautiful pale green. (via Skinny Mom)


Chia Seed Peanut Butter Cookies: Here’s a great excuse to eat cookies for breakfast. They’re healthier than your average granola bar and twice as yummy!  (via Yummy Mummy Kitchen)

banana pie

Mini Banana Cream Pie: These mini pies are definitely a crowd pleaser, because everyone loves cute little finger foods. And with portion control built in, the only problem you’ll have is trying to stop yourself from eating them all!  (via The Super Sisters)


Skinny Dr Pepper Fudge Brownies: Swapping out the oil in traditional brownie recipes for Diet Dr. Pepper leaves you with an incredibly soft, surprisingly low-fat dessert. While I know diet soda isn’t the most expected ingredient for your holiday desserts, give it a chance! The results will leave you ready to bake another chocolately, fudgey pan! (via Skinny Mom)


Best Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies: These healthy chocolate chip cookies call for macadamia nuts, which instantly makes the recipe an A+ in my book! You and your family will love these mind-blowing delights.  (via Chocolate Covered Katie)


Skinny Pumpkin Cheesecake Poke Cake: The words “Skinny” and “Cheesecake” have come together in this fabulous fall dessert. Jello Sugar-free, Fat-free Cheesecake Pudding Mix and Cool Whip Free Whipped Topping keep this dessert light and delicious.  (via Skinny Mom)


Chocolate Pistachio Biscotti:  Chocolate and pistachios are one of my favorite combinations, and I became even more obsessed after trying this biscotti. But I warn you, they are highly addictive! (via Skinny Taste)


Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Banana Bites: I can honestly say these are as good if not better than store-bought ice cream bites. The flavor combination of banana, chocolate, sea salt and peanut butter couldn’t get any better, so these divine little frozen bites have become a favorite at my house! Don’t be alarmed by the prep time. These bites are super easy to prepare, they just take some time to freeze. (via Skinny Mom)


15 Minute Mini Apple Pies:  These darling little pies can be made in less than 15 minutes and each piece is less than 50 calories. They are truly a little piece of heaven! (via Dashing Dish)

Chewy Ginger Molasses Cookies:  These gluten-free cookies are the perfect way to start celebrating the holidays. The warm and rich taste instantly puts you in a cheerful mood and are definitely a cold weather must-have! (via Gourmande in the Kitchen)

cream cheese apple coffee cake

Cream Cheese Apple Coffee Cake: This yummy cake instantly makes me want to curl up on the couch on a cold winter night with a big slice. It’s so decadent that you’ll quickly fall in love.  (via Slender Kitchen)

Skinny Oreo Chocolate Pie

Skinny Oreo Chocolate Pie:  Here is a recipe for an easy and delicious dessert that is sure to be a crowd pleaser with adults and children alike. If you want to cut down on the calorie count, carbohydrates, and fat grams, simply omit the Oreo crust and layer this dessert in a bowl or glass.  Enjoy! (via Skinny Mom)


Healthy Key Lime Tarts: Just because the temperature is dropping outside doesn’t mean you can’t still have the sweet taste of summer. These tarts are the perfect mix of sweet and savory! (via My Whole Food Life)


Skinny Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes:  These tiny and delicious cupcakes are the perfect skinny mini treat. At less then 150 calories for 3 cupcakes, you and your guests will love these bite size treats. (via Skinny Mom)


Carrot Cake Milkshake: I love carrot cake and I love milkshakes, so this recipe was a definite must try for me. I got a brain freeze instantly because I was so excited to try it…so drink with caution! (via Chocolate Covered Katie)


Raspberry Lemonade Cake: Say hello to your newfound obsession. This gratifying cake instantly puts you in the mood for warm weather and picnics. Low fat and low calorie, what’s not to love? (via Skinny Mom)

chocolate peanut butter rice krispies

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Rice Krispies: This is wonderful for all those picky eaters out there. With 10 grams of protein per serving, you’ll satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way!  (via The Super Sisters)

skinny strawberry angelfood cupcakes

Skinny Strawberry Angel Food Cupcakes: Naturally fat-free, the golden-brown crispy exterior of the angel food cake topped off with cool strawberries is sure to be your new favorite!  Easy to prepare and clean up, this recipe will easily turn your attention from “guilty pleasure” to “having your cake and eating it too”. (via Skinny Mom)


Guiltless Banana Split in a Jar: A guiltless banana split? Tell me more! Your waistline won’t have to suffer with this exquisite recipe. I think that calls for a celebration! Banana splits all around! (via Skinny Taste)


Frozen Blueberry Yogurt Bites: These bites are simply made and a perfect on-the-go tasty treat. They can be your family’s new favorite healthy dessert or sweet snack.  (via Skinny Mom)

pumpkin oatmeal cookies

Pumpkin Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies: These are more of a mix between a granola bar and a cookie, but are still just as delicious! They’re soft and sweet and full of awesome flavor. (via Slender Kitchen)

chocolate raspberry protein cupcake skinny mom

 Chocolate Raspberry Protein Cupcakes: What do you get when you combine chocolate and fresh raspberries into a cupcake? A decadent and sweet-tooth-satisfying dessert!  To up the nutritional value of these delicious cupcakes, we have added chocolate protein powder and egg whites to the recipe so you don’t have to feel guilty about asking for seconds.  (via Skinny Mom)


Skinny Blueberry Cheesecake: How could you ever go wrong with cheesecake? With blueberries in every bite you’ll want to make this recipe every week! (via Skinny Taste)


Raw Chocolate Fudge:  This is such an easy no bake raw fudge recipe that your friends and family will swoon over. Guaranteed to satisfy each and every craving for chocolate you have! (via Gourmande in the Kitchen)

Skinny Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes

Skinny Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes: This is a delicious recipe that combines the perfect amount of lemon flavor with fresh blueberries.  It’s really easy to make and because it makes 24 cupcakes, there is always enough to share with friends or family! (via Skinny Mom)


Single-Serving Mocha Chocolate Cake: Katy from Chocolate Covered Katie does it again with her divine Single-Serving Mocha Chocolate Cake. Delicious chocolate cake made in 5 minutes all for yourself? You’re onto something, girl! (via Chocolate Covered Katie)


Chocolate-Cherry Heart Smart Cookies: Dried cherries are one of my favorite snacks, so seeing dried cherries as a main ingredient in a heart-healthy cookie was such a great surprise! (via My Recipes)