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When speaking of Halle Berry, there is always one word that pops into my mind – perfection. For starters, let’s talk about her gorgeous complexion and the fact that there is not even a trace of a woman nearing the age of 46 on it. Then we have her body; never too skinny and always with perfect curves that breathe new life into any item of clothing from a bikini to jeans and a t-shit. Short hair, long hair, curly hair or straight hair Berry is flawless in every photo and film. Even in Monster’s Ball she still had a sparkle about her, although she claims she did have to ugly down a bit for the role.

If Berry’s ethereal beauty was not enough to make you a fan, her incomparable talent certainly is. Okay, so she did slip up a bit with the role of Catwoman, but hey at least she was able to laugh at herself and accept the Razzie for worst actress with a smile. Aside from her tiny mistake wrapped in leather, Halle Berry has been the recipient of more prestigious awards than I even have the time and space to write about. She’s an Emmy award winner, a Golden Globe award winner, and NAACP award winner (for her role in Introducing Dorothy Dandridge) oh and let us not forget the Academy Award she won for her role in Monster’s Ball. As if walking on stage to claim an Oscar were not enough validation that you’ve “made it” as an actress, Berry had yet another reason to be so excited that evening. She was the very first African American woman to win an Academy Award. She has also been named “The Sexiest Woman in the World” by FHM magazine and “The Sexiest Woman Alive” by Esquire magazine. Still even with a home filled with various statues of attribution, Berry’s greatest of achievements came with baby Nahla.

In March of 2008, Halle Berry’s world was forever changed for the better when she and then partner Gabriel Aubry, welcomed little Nahla Ariela Aubry into the world. It was after the birth of Nahla that Berry claims she began to reprioritize things in her life. She says that in the past, she had always worked as much as she could simply because she really had nothing better to do, but now with Nahla to look after; her plans have changed a bit. While Halle has no intention of turning her back on Hollywood, she does try to work less than she did in the past so that she can spend more time with Nahla. Surprisingly, it seems it is now the little things that make the award winning actress smile. Things like swimming in the pool, working in her garden and playing at the park. Berry now seems less consumed with the world of Hollywood and more consumed with her own little world.

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Even with the perfect hair, the perfect face and let’s just admit it, the perfect child (wow that’s a gorgeous kid), Berry does admit that she struggled a bit with getting her body back after baby. She claims that she’s never been rail thin, and because of that she really had to work to get back into shape after Nahla’s birth. To keep that Bond Girl bod looking hot, she adheres to the dietary genius of Harley Pasternak and his 5 Factor Diet. The program consists of five small meals a day, strength training and cardiovascular work to keep the body lean and tight. Pasternak has also been linked to other sexy stars such as Eva Mendes, Katherine Heigl and Alicia Keys. However, unlike many women in Hollywood, Berry has another reason for staying in top shape besides movie roles and photo shoots; her health. Berry was diagnosed with diabetes in 1989 after she lapsed into a comma on the set of the ABC television series Living Dolls. From that moment on, she decided to take her nutrition and exercise program seriously. While she does still admit to an occasional binge on Doritos, for the most part she sticks to a low fat, low sugar and low carbohydrate diet and checks her blood sugar regularly.

Halle Berry’s ability to juggle motherhood and Hollywood is certainly an impressive talent. While she may have more help than the average mom, she still chooses to do most of the work on her own. If nothing else, Berry is an example to mothers everywhere that motherhood is not an end to your youth, it’s simply the beginning of a brand new chapter in gorgeous!