Sheila Kelley in the “Firefly” position

You may recognize Sheila Kelley from such roles as Zoe on Lost or Debbie in the 90’s cult classic Singles, but it was Kelley’s role as an exotic dancer in the movie Dancing at the Blue Iguana that led to one of the sexiest fitness crazes of the decade. It was during her training for Dancing at the Blue Iguana that Kelley began to notice some amazing improvements in her body and credited those changes to her training on the pole.

While she had always been in shape, she discovered the fusion of circular movements and use of the pelvis, core and upper body, created a total body workout that completely balanced her out. Intrigued, Kelley began to research the history of exotic dance. “I researched the origins of ‘feminine movement’ in Neolithic culture and discovered that early forms of belly dance and other idiosyncratic forms of feminine dance flow began during this period of time when women’s bodies were revered.” She says she made the decision to embrace the beauty of the dance and, “Harness the essence of feminine movement, remove it from the male definition of ‘strip club’, and bring it into a safe, women-only space.” And so, the S Factor workout was born.

S Factor is unlike any other workout you’ll ever try mostly because it is designed specifically for women’s bodies. Kelley believes that one reason why so many women struggle with their weight loss is because they pound away at workouts designed more for the male population. “Women’s bodies are structured differently than men,” she says. “This is why doing linear male-designed exercises does not work for us. S Factor’s circular design creates long, lean muscles, a strong, fluid pelvis and core, upper body strength and a toned silhouette.” For those with more than just a few pounds to lose and zero patience to get it off, Kelley insists that S Factor will give you the results you’ve been hoping for. She says that the S Factor Boot Camp in particular targets specific areas of the body giving women rapid and incomparable results. Kelley also feels that S Factor is the perfect workout for new moms as its fluid movements not only reshape the body, but also can help to reignite the intimacy in the bedroom by allowing women to truly connect to their bodies. With such celebrities as Terrie Hatcher, Eva Longoria and Lisa Rinna hoping on the S Factor pole, it’s hard not to trust your inner Goddess and give it a try!

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Don’t live near a studio? No worries, visit the “S Store” on the website and purchase one of Sheila’s DVDs and a pole for your home.

For those who love the idea of S Factor but are a little apprehensive about spinning around a pole, Sheila will soon be launching a new curriculum called “Fluid Feminine Movement” which offers the same kind of soulful feminine fitness, but without the use of a pole!