Photo: National Photo Group

Belly bump time! This belly sighting belongs to the adorable and funny, Anna Faris. This Hot Chick (remember that flick?) is expecting her first child with Parks & Recreation actor/hubs, Chris Pratt.

This casual tee and baseball cap look Farris wore while enjoying a walk with her hubby and their three dogs gave us a little better peek at that growing belly. Recently, Anna was also seen sporting a smashing red number to her premier of her recent movie, The Dictator, also starring Sacha Baron Cohen.  While she looked absolutely gorge walking the red carpet, it was hard to see any indication of a growing little pea in the pod.

And while this is the first belly bump we are seeing on Anna, it doesn’t sound like it will be the last, by any means. Giving Angelina and Brad a run for their money,  Anna has stated that she “would love to have eight [kids]!” Wowzers.

Anna is due sometime this fall and we are looking forward to following her as she steps into mommywood life for the first (but likely not last) time.