NBC Days of Our Lives Star Arianne Zucker

You may recognize Arianne Zucker as resident bad girl Nicole Walker from NBC’s Days of Our Lives, but there is much more to Arianne than cat fights and evil schemes. In addition to being an Emmy nominated actress, Zucker is also a wife, mother and a philanthropist. Zucker carefully balances her personal life, professional life and humanitarian acts, but always manages to keep her family, primarily daughter Isabella, a top priority. “I feel my life is much fuller with Izzy in my life,” she says. “I have learned so much patience and I never knew I could love someone so much.” Even with patience and love, balancing family and career can take its toll without a good plan. Arianne credits prioritization, good scheduling and outside help during her work day for being able to keep it all together.

While keeping her life in check is important, let’s not forget that bringing forth her best body is also a key element to Arianne’s career, and regaining that amazing physique after Isabelle’s birth wasn’t an easy task. She underwent a C-section and was required to wait a minimum of 6 weeks before even attempting to exercise. However, once given the okay by her doctor, she hopped back on the road to svelte.

“Your body is never quite the same after baby, everything stretches and moves,” she says. “After (the c-section), I walked the baby a lot up and down hills and I also started P90X. I worked really hard to get my shape back.”

Now that Zucker is back in shape, she maintains by working out at the gym 1-2 days a week, taking nightly walks with the family and replacing her morning meal with a meal replacement shake.

While her family and career are two of Zucker’s true loves, perhaps her love for charity and her involvement in it is the most inspiring. Her current involvement in a project called LifeCHANGE which helps young adults find a true leader in themselves and then use those skills to help others, will allow her to work with two amazing organizations; The St. Bernard Project which assists families whose homes were destroyed in Hurricane Katrina and Africa Rising, the Ndaba Mandela organization that is committed to instilling pride and purpose in young Africans. The LifeCHANGE organization will also be launching a new site in January 2012 to allow visitors to join the organization by setting up a personal profile page where they can support and give back to their own communities.

With all that Arianne Zucker has going on in her life both personally and professionally, she still believes in making time not only for yourself but also for your significant other. She stresses the importance of date nights to maintain intimacy and claims every mom should get a little down time, even if it’s just enough time for a bubble bath.

When asked what advice she had for moms struggling to raise a child while still holding onto a career Zucker stated, “Don’t feel guilty. I want my daughter to grow up and be whatever she wants to be in life. In order to do that, I have to lead by example.” Between her successful career, amazing family and dedication to helping others, I would say that’s one extraordinary example to follow!

For more information on Arianne Zucker visit: http://www.officialarizucker.com/
For more information on LifeCHANGE visit: http://lifechangetheshow.com/