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Jillian O'Keefe

Jillian is a proud Buffalonian and wife to a talented web developer and mother to a gorgeous baby boy, Emmett. In addition to all of the hard work she spends as a mom, Jillian works full-time as a supervisor at a health insurance company in their managed care department. With the birth of her baby, Jillian has a new found interest in healthy eating and exercise; she wants to instill a healthy lifestyle onto her little boy and any future children. Being a first time mom, everything is a new and different experience for Jillian, but she is so excited to watch everything unfold. She can't wait for trips to the zoo and family vacations. In her free time, Jillian loves shopping for anything and everything, blogging about her sweet baby boy and family life and reading anything she can get her hands on. She is also working hard to make exercise a permanent fixture in her life. Jillian is so excited to be writing for Skinny Mom and looks forward to learning and sharing with all the other Resident Moms.

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