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For the average woman, financially speaking, when she finds out she is pregnant she begins thinking about college funds, the cost of diapers, and how it will all calculate into their budget. That is the case for the average woman. For celebrities, becoming pregnant and having babies is big business and, for some celebrities, there is less stress about money being spent and more focus on the money that can be earned by being a bump-bearing mama in Hollywood.

That’s right, Mommywood is a lucrative business and goes well beyond the value of bringing a new life into the world and begins to put just as much (if not more) value into endorsements, reality shows, and cover shoots.

It was after watching this segment on Good Morning America last week that I really began thinking about the lucrative business of baby making for these stars that emerge in the forefront as pregnant mamas, even when they may have once been perceived as “has-beens” in the entertainment industry.

For instance, remember all the hype over Jessica Simpson’s pregnancy? I was even caught up in the “when is she gonna have that baby?” craze. It was everywhere.  The GMA segment pointed out an interesting point that Simpson has not had a hit song in the last decade. So why is she all of the sudden making headline news stories and magazine covers? And in talks for a $3 million dollar weight loss campaign with Weight Watchers to lose the baby weight? Because celebrity + baby = big business these days in Hollywood.  We’re talking thousands of dollars just to tweet the name of a business related to being a mama!

And Jessica Simpson is certainly not alone. What do Tori Spelling, Bethenny Frankel, Jennie Garth, and even former Bachelorette, Melissa Rycroft all have in common? They have turned motherhood into prime time reality shows….and big paychecks. As GMA noted, even Jessica Alba has started a line of baby products. And the list goes on…and on.

So is baby-making the ticket to celebrity longevity or is the sudden infatuation with mommies in Tinseltown a trend that will soon be replaced with another phenomenon? I guess we will just have to wait and see… one trimester at a time.