Photo: Celebsalon

Bethenny Frankel recently launched her new talk show that was backed and produced by none other than the talented, Ellen DeGeneres.

Frankel has always been one of my favorite reality stars (and I am a reality TV junkie – so that’s saying a lot). I love her no nonsense honesty and her ability to portray exactly who she is – the good, bad, and ugly while making absolutely no apologies for it.  For those reasons, Frankel having a talk show is pretty genius, in my little opinion.

While I am so stinkin’ mad (like, find me on a bell tower somewhere screaming mad) that my local cable market is not carrying the recently launched talk show, that is on a summer trial basis in only select markets, I am enjoying being able to read about all of the great shows Frankel has cranked out in her first month on air.

Most recently, it appears that Frankel opened up about her miscarriage that she experienced after her daughter, Bryn was born.  Reading about her discussion, I was once again moved by her honest and candid willingness to share.

Frankel stated, “For me it was thinking about Bryn running around with another girl. I’ve honestly had women that I’ve been friends with in the past [tell me] they had a miscarriage. And I kind of didn’t really understand, and I’d say, ‘I’m so sorry that’s terrible.’ But not until you really go through it, do you understand what it means. In your head, it’s a person that could never be. You blame yourself as a woman.”

Wow. I have to applaud Frankel speaking out and providing a voice for so many women who find this subject too difficult to talk about. Frankel once again proves she has important things to share as a women, entrepreneur, and most moving – as a mother.