Marina Kamen is more than just a celebrity and more than just a mother. She is a well established fitness and music artist whose large online catalogue of workout music, treadmill workouts and audio workouts are heard in gyms and fitness facilities everywhere. In addition, she has done work in radio and television advertising for such companies as Starburst, PopTarts, and Dairy Queen. Kamen’s love for fitness began when her career, along with her weight, skyrocketed in the early 1990’s. That’s when Marina Kamen used her own passion and knowledge of music to motivate and inspire herself into an amazing success story!

Marina Kamen before and after


SM:  Please tell us a little about your fitness background.

 MK: “I’m a 53 year old mother of 3, a Certified Fitness Trainer, Casting Director, Choreographer, Billboard Charting writer/producer/violinist & vocalist. Infomercial Television products call on me to actually find those people and transform them into those beautiful before & afters we see on TV. I get them to lose weight, teach them about fashion & styling and transform them into shape! I pioneered the Reality Television industry starting in 1999 appearing on PBS”-In The Mix”, Noggin’s “A Walk in Her Shoes” The Discovery Health Network “I Lost It” The Tyra Banks Show” in addition to having a Pilot shot in NYC back in 1999.  My latest projects have been The Firm Express Get Thin in 30/Gaiam, Jillian Michaels/Gaiam, Ab Shake/Ab Coaster/Tristar Productions, The Rack, Cardio Karate/Urban Group Exercise and Michael’s Olajide’s Aerobox for All Star/ Script to Screen”.


SM: What would you say is the #1 myth in weight loss?

MK: “Working out does not have to be a homework assignment …it can be fun! Weight loss comes when you make your daily activities and pleasure more important than what you are going to eat. Think about the people you are with…what your experience is going to be that day and not center your day around planning your meals.”


SM: What inspired you to get in shape?

 MK: “I have been a recording artist for 30 years…writing music for the commercial TV biz and the record industry. In the late 90s, after the birth of my third child, I ballooned up to 215 pounds and I am 5 foot 3 inches tall. I was starting to have many of my dance music hits played on fitness products and then asked to come perform…eeeek!!!!! It took a year, but I started to walk and dance to the beats I was creating in the studio, and then lyrics would come to me to motivate myself to watch what I was eating!”


SM: How did you initially lose your weight?

MK: “Portion control…walking to the music…dancing to the beat and staying motivated with my passion for music/dance career….my children and family!”


SK: If a woman is looking to drop pounds quickly, what are her best options?

MK: “Pop on those headphones at 150 beats per minute (to music by MARINA of course…ha,ha)Up your cardio, lower your portions and of course decrease your sugar, bread, pasta, etc.”


SM: Please describe for us a day in your life; what’s your workout routine like?

MK: “Portion control baby! I find if I do not eat what the craving is, I will eat my way to the craving and then eat the craving anyway. I start everyday with a stretch, then I pop on my headphones and take a walk to my music at 126-162 beats per minute, do 200 crunches at 90 beats per minute, 400 jump rope rotations at 140 beats per minute. I do not do this all at once; I spread it out throughout the day.”


SM: How do you balance work, family, and workouts?

MK: “After 30 years of being married, raising 3 children ages 19, 21 and 26 years of age, the idea is keeping in mind that we women can have it all…but maybe just not all at once! Stay passionate, stay motivated, hear the music, feel the beat and Never Stop Movin’ in your body and in your life!!!!!”

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