Cover from Dayne’s new album “Satisfied”

You may remember this multi platinum recording artist for such Top 20 singles as, “Tell it to My Heart” and “Love Will Lead You Back”, but we got Taylor Dayne to give up the 411 on everything from her current projects to her diet secrets! After a recording studio hiatus, Taylor Dayne is back to delivering her fans an inspirational album that not only proves that Dayne can still rock the charts with the best of them, but to also let everyone know, she’s no where near being ready to throw in the towel!

SM: You’ve become such an amazing inspiration for so many mothers on “doing it all”. What advice do you have for busy moms in having a successful career while maintaining the role as wife and mother?

TD: Wow! Thank you, just to hear I’m an inspiration for other busy moms is such a compliment. For me the biggest juggle has been being a single, busy mom. Knowing my children are being cared for and stick to their routine is key for me. My children are also very adjusted to me working and traveling a lot . For me, I needed full-time live in assistance to be able to give my twins the stability they need, which gives me the power and peace of mind that I need to travel and continue with my career.

SM: How do you find time to eat well and workout with your busy schedule?

TD: As I get older and still keep a regular travel and tour schedule maintaining a good diet, exercise, and sleep routine is essential for my body. Right now I’m writing this from the Philippines where I’m currently touring. For me, sleep is vital; next is diet . On the road it’s rough cause you are up and down and running on different time zones. No real schedule is consistent . So I try to pack my green teas and vitamins and lay off the stuff that bloats you. If I’m in one place for 2 nights I look for the nearest gym.

SM: Do you have any exciting projects coming up?

TD: I always have something brewing. Tour dates, mostly, for the summer.

 SM: What fitness, food, or health/beauty products are you loving right now?

TD: I make my own green detox drink when I’m home, off the road. It’s blended kale, green tea, Acai pulp, ginger, lemon, and green apple. I drink about 16 oz in the morning . I love how I feel. Then I try to go for a hike/run or bootcamp. I love Kerastase products for hair and Da Vinci fake eyelashes. I use and switch between a retinal and glycolic skin product at night.

SM: Out of all your personal and professional achievements, what has been the most shocking or exciting endeavor you’ve experienced?

TD: This year marks my 25th year anniversary of the release of my first single and record “Tell it to my Heart.” To look back it seems like a lifetime ago and it is in some regard. I still feel challenged to achieve my goals, which are ever-changing and rising. My children, my career, my friends, my fans  and my experiences all are achievements.

SM: What keeps you motivated to maintain your fit lifestyle? What gets you through those bad days we all have?

TD: I can suffer from self doubt or lack of motivation, but I eventually shake it off.  Call a friend, they will help motivate you. Get outside, take a walk and look at the trees. It can help lift the spirits and make you walk a little faster and then perhaps jog. Next you smile at someone and then they will smile back. Sometimes it’s the something small that impacts your spirit in a huge way.

SM: What is the craziest, fad diet you’ve ever tried?

TD: Lol.  You name it! Grapefruit, bagel, master cleanse, everything.

SM: What is your favorite healthy meal?

TD: I love salads , quinoa, greens kale, and collards.  Yummy!

SM: In one sentence, what advice do you have for women to push through all the roadblocks, excuses, and external factors and become their best self?

TD: When we smile at someone, they smile back and it changes everything.