Summer, Skye and Robert

Summer Sanders has many titles; sports reporter, television host, actress, and of course retired Gold Medalist Olympic swimmer. She has authored a book and even serves as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Still with so many hats to wear and so much experience under her belt, Summer Sanders takes the most pride in the job which she describes as her most inspirational; motherhood.

“My husband and my kids are definitely my number one inspiration,” she says. “They are my biggest cheerleaders whether I’m running, swimming or just cooking dinner.”

While Sanders is a professional athlete, she still needed some cheering when trying to get her pre-baby body back. She says she made every effort to eat healthy and be careful not to gain more weight than recommended by her doctor. Sanders also strongly relied on these five postnatal weight loss philosophies to keep her on track:

  • Eat right – Sanders focused on eating small, healthy meals instead of just grabbing whatever sounded good. She admits that one of her favorite things to eat for breakfast and snacks is Special K cereal.
  • Get moving – Sanders took her kids with her to exercise by pushing them in a stroller or strapping them to her. She says walking helped her body recover and having the children present allowed for extra bonding time.
  • Remember “you” time – Sanders suggests taking time for yourself when you need it. She says she curbed her feelings of guilt for taking this time by reminding herself that when she feels good, she’s that much better at being a wife and mother.
  • Use nap time – Sanders says she used the, “cracks” of her day to prepare healthy snacks and on the go meals so when times got hectic, she was prepared.
  • Keep it realistic – Sanders says this was her biggest key! Reminding herself that it took nine months to gain the weight, so realistically it should take nine months to get it all off, kept her from becoming discouraged about losing the weight.

Summer Sanders’ experiences with pregnancy and weight loss even inspired her to create a prenatal workout DVD. “I was surrounded by athletes and women who had trained their whole lives, yet didn’t feel prepared or educated for what they could do during pregnancy,” she says. “I felt like people needed guidance once their bodies became more than just their own, and that a DVD could show these amazing women that you can still be your athletic self.”

Sanders certainly is a perfect example of a woman maintaining her “athletic self” while also taking on the role of supermom. Even though she still looks at motherhood as her most important job, Sanders’ professional calendar continues to fill as well. Look for her on Yahoo Sports as the host of the

Summer and her cheerleaders

new web series, Elite Athlete Workouts, as well as various sports broadcasts tied to the upcoming Olympic Games.

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Sian Bitner-Kearney