Back in March, we told you that superstar, Charlize Theron, adopted a baby boy named Jackson. Theron spoke openly in Vogue about her new role as a single mother and the traits that she hoped to instill in her new son, including encouraging him to be his own person and find his own independence.

Other than that, this was all we knew about the new little love in thirty-six-year-old Theron’s life. That was until now. Now, we can without hesitation state on more fact about Baby Jackson…he is ADORABLE. This picture of Theron with her new bundle of baby love emerged today, and seriously, this kid is super cute.  Little Jackson was clutching his mother tightly as mama bear, Theron, protectively held her baby boy close as they made their way through the crowded Paris, France airport.  The connection between mother and child is incredibly obvious in this quick snapshot captured of the pair.

And there you have it – The reveal of Baby Jackson Theron! I can already tell – this little guy will be a fun one to watch grow up.