Photo: Us Weekly

I am so not a fan of analyzing pics of women’s mid-sections and speculating whether or not there is a bun in the oven/baby on board or just a bun in the belly/potential hamburger splurge, if you know what I mean.  That being said, I can’t help but be a little intrigued by the latest pics of Drew Barrymore that have surfaced where she is looking suspiciously, dare I say it, preggo?!? Alright, there I said it.

In these pics posted by Us Weekly, she does look to be sporting the beginning stages of a little pregnancy pooch. And I don’t mean she looks overweight, by any means. She looks like a fit mama-to-be, just beginning to show a bit.

Maybe it just the timing of everything that has my bets placed in favor of a smiley face on the pregnancy test. She is planning a summer wedding to fiancé, Will Kopelman, who popped the questions over the holidays last year.  Also, according to an Us Weekly  “source” close to the
couple,  Barrymore and Kopelman are expecting and want to walk down the aisle before she gets too pregnant.  And yes, I know – I use the ‘source’ term loosely and often think to myself when I read it, source= terrible friend.

So, while I am not officially adding Barrymore to the Bump Watch 2012 list (yet), I am excited to see if we get a baby announcement (aka: press release) announcing Barrymore joining the Mommywood movement soon.

What do you think of the pics? Preggo? Or just ridiculous tabloid speculation?