Everyone has their fave crime show. Each CSI has its own little fan club and NCIS is in a category all its own: who knew naval crime was so rampant? Anyways, we are drawing the dividing line today between all the CSI fanatics. Adam Rodriguez made Miami even more caliente! But, his roles in I Can Do Bad All By Myself and Magic Mike…ayiyiyi. There’s way more to “Eric Delko” than the detective. He can dance AND play a heartfelt character trying to make right with his past. You know he makes a point to hit the gym, but those jaw lines…those are God’s gifts. There’s something about his look that makes him seem playful, perhaps even slightly sneaky. His workouts may be shrouded in a little mystery. Adam Rodriguez may be one of those, “surprise we are running this giant hill” kind of guys or that “oh just ten more…ten more times” pusher. Hey, if it gets the results and those words are coming from him…no pain no gain, right?

Now Hill Harper’s character Sheldon Hawkes has a different scene. He’s got the New Yorker edge. But, the man behind the character has adorable features even if they are framed by a very serious actor. Do you know he has a law degree…from Harvard?!?! He even hooped it up with President Obama–a fellow law student back then. You would have to lace up your shoes and hit the hardwood for Harper’s workout. Imagine how fun it would be to play some D against his baby brown eyes?!

Hmm…which CSI personnel would make the best personal trainer? I’m going to pick Hill Harper for this one. I mean come on, he played basketball with the president?

Who would you pick: Adam Rodriguez or Hill Harper?