This Tuesday, it’s a fitness gurus challenge. The insane hip-hop abs-er Shaun T. pitted against the Biggest Loser’s Bob Harper. For those crazy enough to take on the Insanity challenge, we know your pain and well, the pleasure of being encouraged by Shaun T. As I like to say, “Shaun T. don’t play.” His workouts are fierce and mentally debilitating. However, he first got his workout career on with the funky Hip-Hop Abs series. So, it’s not all mountain climbers and suicides! Bob Harper also does not play. Most of us have seen some of the grueling outdoor challenges these regular joes must complete. But, in the end, the pain is worth all the lost pounds. Harper also provides a great support system, in which he is there for the struggles and the triumphs. How amazing would it be to see these guys in action, in person?! DVD’s and television shows can only get you so far. So do we go for the younger, fresh but demanding trainer or the experienced, compassionate coach who follows your whole journey?

Both provide excellent at-home DVD workouts! Both are easy on the eyes. But, if I’m forced to pick…it’s Shaun T. Insanity is so hard and so addicting… much like the creator’s abs!

Who would you like to workout in-person with Shaun T. or Bob Harper?