In honor of the MLB Playoffs and my hometown Reds, we have an American past-time face off (well, technically one is Canadian…but, who’s checkin passports here). Who hasn’t been getting caught up in all the excitement? Baseball has never been easier to watch! The golden glover second baseman Brandon Phillips is always cheesin. His smile is absolutely infectious. B. Phil’s interviews are even more enjoyable. You just want to hang around him. Now, his humor tends to cross the lines in baseball games and his playful banter can become a little problematic…but he is just so likeable. Plus he is one good looking baseball player. But, his workouts would probably be pretty heavy on plyometrics and insane interval training. Have you seen some of his catches?!? His vertical is out of this world.

Joey Votto, our golden glove first baseman has a quiet charm about him. He has graced the cover of Sports Illustrated, yet you are more likely to see him at home in sweats with his dog than doing big time publicity gigs. Again, this Reds player has such a great personality, clean reputation and an adorable smile. Perhaps his Canadian roots mean his workouts may be more outdoors than indoors. Even in the “awful” chill of mid-western winters, Votto keeps workout routines hot. Who would I rather go to bat with?

So, Votto does have this great baseball build and amazing jaw-line…but, Phillips is just…well, Phillips. He would be exciting and encouraging and fun! My trainer would have to be Brandon Phillips.

Who would you pick Brandon Phillips or Joey Votto?