This week is another sexy accent fantasy trainer. Unlike last week’s duo, we have two pretty different looks from an Irish bad boy and a (former) English bad-boy. Colin Farell has been popping in and out of side character roles in movies such as Horrible Bosses. But, he has stayed active in his home-town and on the foreign movie screens. In fact, he has taken a serious tone with some of his roles. Christian Bale shocked many with his recent visits to the hospitalized victims from the Colorado shooting during the latest Batman premiere. This is a stark contrast from his past paparrazzi flare ups. But, he always has such a calm demeanor…it’s hard to picture him being a true “bad guy.” Heck, he is Batman after all! Colin Farrell on the other hand is a little easier to picture. I bet his workouts are a bootcamp style: rugged and slightly crazy just like his personality. His training for  S.W.A.T and Miami Vice must have taught him great structure with his workouts. Christian Bale had a breath-taking transformation for his The Fighter role. Though, it wasn’t the healthiest of diets, he must be a pro at knowing when and how to indulge. Plus, boxing is a great way to burn the cals and tone-up! I wouldn’t mind a little sparring with Bale.

Okay, okay so now I have to make the dreaded decision. I guess I’m a sucker for wanting to change the bad boy. Bale seems to have already transformed into a debonaire film figure. I think I could shape up Colin Farrell, while he gets me into shape!

Who would you pick as your fantasy trainer: Colin Farrell or Christian Bale?