It’s a duel between short/tall, dark and handsome. James Franco has cred with both blockbuster and independent films. Much like Johnny Depp, his roles are all unique. He has a knack for both characters and real portrayals. While you are doing shuffle runs, he could both push you and make you laugh. Plus, he seems pretty sympathetic. If you happened to fall and skid your knee, I bet he would stop the workout and bandage the situation (rather than leave you in the dust). Okay, and as for Ashton, whether you liked the trucker hat or not, he was adorable on Punk’d. Despite playing an airhead on That 70s Show, Kutcher has proven to mature. He became a socially conscious actor, who tended to stay out of the press. Now back on the sitcom circuit, he is trying to keep his humor in tact. As with Franco, Kutcher’s workouts would probably prove to be very balanced: difficult but fun!

Though there’s an obvious height difference, the choice is still pretty hard. Well, I haven’t worked out in my heels before, so I don’t think I would worry too much about being taller than my trainer. That being said, I’m going with James Franco on this one. And, no Ashton, you didn’t just get Punk’d.

Who would you choose as your Fantasy Trainer: James Franco or Ashton Kutcher?