This week’s battle may be a little confusing. You may think you need a double take, but relax, your vision is correct. Penelope Cruz’s hubby Javier Bardem spiced up the screen with his gripping performance in No Country for Old Men. Once his acting chops were recognized, so were his Latin good looks. When he doesn’t wear such a 70s bowl-cut, he is quite the brooding, buff hunk. His puppy-dog eyes against those fierce biceps make the best kind of contrast. That played well for him as Julia Robert’s Eat, Pray, Love co-star and foreign fling. Jeffrey Dean Morgan on the other hand has won tons of Grey’s Anatomy fans’ hearts playing Izzy’s dead love Denny Duquette. But, he also starred in Supernatural, a sitcom that has a cult following of its own. Oh, and he has played the ¬†devilish superhero and the loveable Irishman too–who forgot him in P.S. I Love you?!? No, not Gerard Butler, the Irish singer at the bar! Do we spice it up with a Latin lover or pick the Seattle native?

I’m going to have to go with…does it matter, they are one in the same?! It’s just too uncanny for even me to pick.

Who would you pick: Javier Bardem or Jeffrey Dean Morgan?