In honor of the approaching fall season and television competition show lineup, it’s a host-off fantasy trainer. Mario Lopez and Nick Lachey have been circuiting prime time spots for years. Most recently, they have been hosts of quite a few reality shows. However, that’s not all these buff boys have in common. Each has a bit of a cookie cutter image (despite some marriage dramas) and a cut set of abs. And to top of the cherry sundae of smiles, they have some divine dimples! Now who would you rather go for a run on the beach with? Mario’s Latin flavor may include some spicy workouts. For those Zumba fans (and Dancing With the Stars fanatics), some salsa cardio may just be included! As for Cincinnati’s hometown star, there may be no need for a relaxing cool down. His pop vocals may just sing you right into relaxation mode. That is after a grueling set of push-ups, of course. I have a feeling these guys are also fans of bicep curls and pull-ups…You truly can’t go wrong with either!

Inevitably and regrettably, it’s time for my pick. I’m going to have to pick the boy with the roots closest to home. Nick Lachey would totally whip me into shape!

Who would you pick to host your workout: Mario Lopez or Nick Lachey?