Game. Set. Match: two fine athletes with a passion for tennis. But there can clearly only be one winner. Roger Federer and Andy Roddick are both battling for gold in the London Olympics. Wimbeldon is not exactly a new scene for either player, and neither is this match up. Roddick has been to three finals and a semi at Wimbledon and lost each of those matches to none-other-than Roger Federer. However, he did recently gather some steam in Atlanta where he took the title. Both have the darker features, brown hair and brown eyes. But, each has a distinct style. Do we pick the patriotic U.S. player, Roddick? It is always a little more fun to cheer for the underdog. Or do we pick the Swiss favorite, Federer? He does know how to make a sweat band look good.

I’m going Team USA for this weeks pick: Andy Roddick. Sorry, Federer…and good luck!

Who would you pick: Roger Federer or Andy Roddick?