I am definitely a country fan, so I’m super excited for this week’s Fantasy Trainer Tuesday between two country staples – Tim McGraw and Keith Urban!! You don’t have to be die hard country fans to find these two stars to be incredibly hunk-i-fied musicians. McGraw exudes confidence and sexuality, while Urban displays devotion and a sweetness untouched by other stars. Both men are completely sexy in their own ways, and both are committed to beautiful, talented women…unfortunately (kidding…).

While Tim McGraw knows how to rock a cowboy hat and chest hugging tee flawlessly, I have witnessed first-hand Keith Urban’s charm and infectious spirit in concert, so biased or not, I’d have to pick Urban as my boot wearin’, hat tippin’ Fantasy Trainer. He could make the worst series of exercises in the history of fitness sound thrilling when coming out of his mouth!!

Who would you pick, ladies?!