This week’s Fantasy Trainer Tuesday is a bit off course with a comedy themed battle. Every 10 minutes of laughter can burn up to 40 calories, not to mention contract or carve your core. Could it get any easier or more fun?! Paul Rudd’s latest roles have been a bit raunchy–Wanderlust much?–but, his adorable smile covers it. From a scruffy college kid in Clueless to supporting roles in Knocked Up and Anchorman, he can easily play the leading man or the funny friend. Krasinski’s fame sky rocketed with the heart-warming smirk his now infamous Office character Jim shoots at the camera. His voice can be heard on the commercial airwaves and his nerdy-cool personality can captivate the big screen. So, while I wouldn’t mind laughing through an entire workout, I think I would get a harder routine from Paul Rudd. While he is absolutely hilarious, I can take him a bit more serious that Krasinski.

Who would you rather giggle away those calories with – Paul Rudd or John Krasinski?