Abbey Road was an iconic Beatles album and an even more iconic cover photo. Paul McCartney’s crisp, fun suits and John Lennon’s glasses, even Ringo’s mustache have become fashion styles. Along Abbey Road shares the same name, same groovy vibe and same eye for fashion as the iconic photo it plays off of. However, Abbey herself, is an adorably spunky fashionista who has a love for “making up words and acting like they are legitskies” and of course pulling the perfect outfit. Her blog, Along Abbey Road, shares her stories on staying stylish throughout motherhood. Not only does she post great practical outfits that can make any girl look “on trend” while remaining “on budget,” but she also has DIY fashion tips! If you have an old pencil skirt, she has the best trick on making it look like new. Just follow her guide on the sequin-block skirt. And, guess what?! If you still haven’t mastered the needle and thread, no worries. This project is stitch-free. Grab your fabric glue, a hand full of studs and get ready to become a fashion designer with Abbey from Along Abbey Road.

1.     What inspired you to start writing your blog? One day I was perusing through InStyle magazine and I saw Le Blog De Betty. I thought she was so cute and I thought, “I could do that!” I used to work at a major fashion retail company so I constantly put new looks together that I wanted to share with the world– that world being the 3 people that read my blog at the time. Thanks, Mom!


2.     What is your favorite aspect about being part of an online blogging community? The friendships I have built are absolutely the best thing, hands down! Being a stay-at-home mom can make you feel like somewhat of a social recluse, so I appreciate the ability to connect with people through blogging and social media.

3.     What is your favorite topic to blog about? Hmmm, this is a tough one. I am the most fickle person on the planet when it comes to sticking to one topic. My blog has been and always will have deep roots in showcasing my personal style, but my current favorite topic is blogging about Luke, my 7 month old and my new DIY series, Dare I DIY?

4.     In your opinion, what is the best feature on your blog? A Random Thing Or Two-sday. For sure. I am a collector of random, useless facts and every Tuesday I get to share them with everyone. Here is ARTOT’S official tagline: A Random Thing Or Two-sday… bringing you the pointless crap you never knew you wanted to know.

5.     Where do your fashion ideas come from? Everywhere! Blogs, Pinterest, magazines, you name it. Lately, I’ve been trying to branch out and find fashion inspiration from people I see on the street and in unexpected places for me. There are lots of great fashion ideas you can get from grandmas and unordinary people if you look for it!

6.     What fashion advice do you have for busy moms and women that don’t have a lot of time to get ready? Get yourself a cute hat; it cuts the doing your hair thing right out of your getting ready routine and looks laid-back chic. Also try to go for easy things to wear, such as tees, with a print. Mixing up prints is the easiest way to give your look some pop, without putting a lot of thought into it.

7.     What is your favorite fashion accessory? Belts. I am a serial belter. I didn’t realize that until I looked back at my style posts and realized 95% of them include a belt. They are a great way to add color, and make a post-baby body look more pulled together as they can accentuate the small part of your waist (thank goodness)!

8.     What is one piece that every woman should have in their closet? A blazer. I always answer this question the same, but it is such a great style staple for any body type! Blazers come in all shapes, cuts, and sizes, so finding the perfect one is like finding your style soul mate. They look great with trousers, dresses, denim… practically everything!

9.     What fashion item says “Super Mom” to you? Heels. If I see a mom rocking heels like it’s nobody’s business, I tip my hat to that Super Mom. It’s a feat I rarely achieve, and would like to work on that.

10. Who is your celebrity fashion icon? Sienna Miller. I love her. LOVE her. I wish I lived in the UK so I could see her in the tabloids and magazines more often. Her style is perfect in every way (I didn’t mean to sound like Mary Poppins there, but we are on a British thing here). She knows how to wear minimalist, masculine styles and get all dolled up like the biggest girly-girl the next day.

11. If you could style any celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be? I have literally been sitting here thinking about it for the past 10 minutes. This is another toughy. I’m going to go with Vivien Leigh (Scarlett O’Hara from Gone With the Wind and yet another British actress). Ever since I was 5, she has been one of my favorite Old Hollywood actresses. She was beautiful and poised and had impeccable style. Also, the 40′s were such a feminine, tailored and detail-oriented fashion period and I would love to go back in time to get a hands-on experience of the fashion. Or if we flipped it and brought Vivien to the future, she would be a knock-out in a current Versace red carpet gown.

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