We are so excited to share with you this amazing blog for parents, I Can Teach My Child. With the premise that parents are their children’s first teachers, the creator of this blog shares educational and craft activities that parents and children can do together. She claims that taking a few minutes a day to truly invest in your child will reap a lifetime of benefits, and we couldn’t agree more. She created this blog in July 2010 to help keep herself accountable in her child’s educational pursuits, as well as to help other parents actively participate in the development of their children. Check out the interview below with this hands-on, creative Mama to hear how she got started and what her blog has helped moms everywhere achieve with their little ones.
1.     What inspired you to start writing your blog? My kids!  The entire reason I began blogging was because I wanted to hold myself accountable for spending quality, intentional time with my kids!  As a former first grade teacher, I have a passion for young children and wanted to incorporate that passion into my life and the lives of others even though I was no longer in the classroom.

2.     What is your favorite aspect about being part of an online blogging community? Just that–community.  I can’t tell you the affirmation I have received from other moms who acknowledge that the idea of being a supermom is a complete myth!  We all struggle as individuals and as mothers and one of the ways that we can ensure we are being effective as parents is to encourage one another along that journey together!
3.     What is your favorite topic to blog about? Fun and interactive activities for kids and families–most recently I have LOVED sharing all the fun science experiments we have been doing!  

4.     In your opinion, what is the best feature on your blog? Hmmm…perhaps the fact that I am pretty honest about our “real life” which is FAR from perfect.  I think whenever you look at a blog with that lens, it makes each of us feel a little better about ourselves.  Perhaps that and the fact that we have included a variety of ages for our activities–from 6 weeks old to 6 years old!

5.     Where do your creative inspirations come from? My kids, my husband, friends, former colleagues, and other bloggers!  I also often look at a piece of trash (cardboard tubes, drink carriers, egg cartons, etc.) and think, “What type of learning activity could we do with this?”

6.     What advice do you have for moms and women on taking the time for at-home projects or crafts with kids or for personal projects, rather than the more expensive option of spending money for quick satisfaction? The investment of time you make to make crafts or do projects with your kids in your own home is absolutely priceless!  One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is our undivided attention doing something that they enjoy!  

7.     What is your favorite project/craft? In all honesty, I’m actually not a very crafty person!  I am impatient and do not have the least bit of artistic talent.  That’s why I love to do kids crafts because they actually turn out looking like what they are supposed to (ie, a four-year old made them).  :)  I did recently learn how to make an envelope cover for my pillows and I was pretty excited about that.  

8.     What are your business goals for success in your future? Ummm…business goals???  I still can’t really believe that people choose to read my blog!  But I guess I would say that as long as blogging is beneficial for my children and our family, I would love to continue doing it as long as the blogging world will have me!  

9.     If you could work with any celebrity, living or dead, who would it be? Although He’s more of a deity than celebrity, I think working with Jesus would be pretty cool.  :)
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