There just aren’t enough hours in the day for on-the-go fashionista, Pink Pistachio. Her quirky, yet chic style fuel the inspiration and ideas behind the site. From tutorials on DIY picnic baskets to home decor and of course beauty must-haves, this mom/wife of two “gents” (husby and Little Mister) with a “bumpcakes” on the way (oops almost forgot their furbaby, Lulu) provides all the tips and tricks to being fashionably crafty. Find where to grab all the latest trends on a budget at Pink Pistachio.  But, for now beat the heat–perhaps with her Root Beer Float Popsicles recipe– and sit down with the Pink Pistachio as she chats about clothes every mom and woman should own.

1. What inspired you to start writing your blog? I was in a serious car accident in 2009 involving a fractured neck. At the time, I was a 1st grade teacher who was used to staying busy. As you can imagine, staying on bed rest was rather hard for me to do. So I took up blogging to pass the time. I found it was a creative outlet that encouraged me to not only become a better person; but also those I was blogging for. I decided to go full-time with my blog as of 2011 and have found it to be one of the best decisions of my life. It’s been a life-changing experience to say the least.

2. What is your favorite aspect about being part of an online blogging community? It’s amazing the reach you can have putting yourself out there. I’ve met (a’hem… rather, virtually met) some amazing amazing people who strive to make the world a better place. I think overall, blogs in general are just that; meant to inspire, teach, and make a personal impact on those who come their way.

3. What is your favorite topic to blog about? Easy. Hands down, the everyday experiences with the adorable Gents in my life (oh and our furbaby LuLu). That also goes without saying the life lessons we’re learning as a family on a daily basis.

4. In your opinion, what is the best feature on your blog? That’s like asking me if my butt looks fat in these pants! Haha! What a loaded question. But if you’re twisting my arm (indian burn style) I’d have to say, the diversity of it all. It’s not JUST a fashion blog, or JUST a lifestyle or food blog… it’s everything that I love and love to share with others. I hope that when people stop by, they’re pleasantly surprised there’s a little something that suits their little fancy.

5. Where do your fashion ideas come from? Emotion. That sounds odd, right? Right. But to me, fashion seems to stem from a mood, feeling, or personality. On any particular day, I may be feeling extra bubbly so that would inspire a bright color scheme for an outfit. However, I’d be lying if I didn’t mention that many of my fashion inspirations also come from the latest trends. I’m kind of a trend addict that LOVES to make sure I’m staying current.

6. What fashion advice do you have for busy moms and women that don’t have a lot of time to get ready? Most of the time, I fit into this definition. Crying kids? Check. Too much to do? Double check. Make it easy. Simply snag one item (either when shopping or from your closet) that catches your eye (that could mean a top, accessory, or a pair of shoes you’re totally diggin’ that day) and then build everything else around it. It’s like ordering your favorite burrito and deciding what to stuff in it (but thankfully without the guilty calories or the food-baby gut that follows).

7. What is your favorite fashion accessory? Yay! Another easy question. My gold oversized Michael Kors runway watch. It was love at first lust… the perfect statement piece that literally works with any outfit (ranging from a comfy tracksuit to a formal dress). That golden nugget has been adorning my wrist for over 2 years now and it still hasn’t lost its luster!

8. What is one piece that every woman should have in their closet? A classic pair of dark denim designer jeans. Before all you jean-judgers shiver at the word “designer”, just hear me out for a sec. Designer jeans DO fit better and last longer. Take my penny-pinching husband’s word for it. Who now happens to be a believer in designer jeans. He caved one Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and appeased me by buying a pair. And now he’ll never go back. I say, “It’s worth having one really nice pair rather than 5 mediocre pairs that you don’t feel or look good in.”

9. What fashion item says “Super Mom” to you? A coordinating outfit from head to toe (yes, even if you’re just going to Target for paper towels). The point being, we all say to ourselves, “I’ll throw on these legalized public pajamas aka work-out attire and then change when I get back home.” Chances are the workout clothes will still be on by 5:00. I think a real “super mom” is one that tries hard to make sure she’s put together so that everything else in her life follows suit.

10. Who is your celebrity fashion icon? Is this bad to say that I don’t have one? I don’t really follow celebrity fashion. Maybe that’s in part because I can’t relate to it, let alone can’t afford it. But if forced to answer, I’d say Kate Middleton. She’s a prime example that you can make sophisticated look sexy without showing bumloads (excuse the mental picture) of skin. Yes, modesty can be fashionable.

11. If you could style any celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be? I’d love to get my hands on Kelly Osborne. For whatever reason(s), she’s been deemed a fashion guru… yet she has purple hair and clothes that rarely fit well. The girl is darling with her charming accent and girly curves. Oh the possibilities…

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