As the title should suggest, this may not be a “meat and potatoes” person’s blog…at least initially. What Sara, the creator of Sprouted Kitchen, can guarantee is savory, pure flavor using local/organic ingredients. Better yet, Sprouted Kitchen can help you cook accessible, affordable, clean meals. Sara is “a food loving, wellness craving, veggie fiend, who enjoys the culture of enjoying a meal with friends and family…whole, clean cooking that is about the food at hand.”

With the help of stunning photography and simple steps, readers can create anything from wheat brioche buns to ratatouille barley salad. Sprouted Kitchen even encourages a little experimentation. There are no exact measurements. Everyone has their own taste preferences: spicy, salty, sweet, creamy, etc. Tweak the recipes as your taste buds see fit. Let’s see what’s currently sprouting in  Sara’s kitchen.

1.     What inspired you to start writing your blog? I was working a job that no longer challenged me, and my passion lies in healthy food and entertaining. My husband  created the site as a gift for me to practice doing what I love and sharing it. It gave us a project to work on together.

2.     What is your favorite aspect about being part of an online blogging community? People who love food are some of the most sincere, thoughtful, generous people I’ve ever met. There are always exceptions to the rule, but I have made some sweet friends in being a part of this community. I love the encouragement, nice notes, and care we give each other.

3.     What is your favorite topic to blog about? I like sharing different vegetarian meal ideas. I do a lot of salad and dessert items but enjoy sharing a good meal option – I think that’s what people appreciate most as well.

4.     In your opinion, what is the best feature on your blog? The photography, hands down. Hugh, my husband, is a photographer and I am so so lucky that he works on the posts with me. We are very slowly rebuilding from our last hosting platform, so there are a handful of things I still want to improve!

5.     Where do your recipe ideas come from? We participate in the CSA program, so a lot of my ideas come from resourcefulness. I hate waste, so I get creative in using what I have on hand. I follow a lot of blogs and read a number of food magazines so all that inspiration is always in my head.

6.     What advice do you have for busy moms and women that don’t have a lot of time to get a balanced meal ready every night for their family? On my busiest weeks, I try to prep some things in advance when I have an extra hour, maybe on Sunday night. A big batch of a whole grain, some roasted vegetables, a few chicken breasts. Then we make meals of “bowl foods”. We define that as big bowls of whatever is in the fridge…maybe some cooked grains, chopped greens, cheese, bell peppers, beans or tofu for me and some shredded chicken for my husband, and top it with a good dressing or hummus. I can change them up based on what is in the fridge and it takes me 5 minutes because I’ve already prepped things. I also make twice as much as I need when cooking a dish, and count on eating the leftovers. Like soup, enchiladas, a tofu stir fry, seasoned turkey burger patties. Prep it once, eat it twice, it will save you time.

SK's Coconut Quinoa Salad

7.     What is your favorite dish? Salads. Particularly chopped salads with nuts, beans, goat cheese etc. I really love my Coconut Quinoa Salad.

8.     What is the one spice or herb everyone should have in their cabinet? Citrus. Whether it’s fresh, dried, juice, lemon oil for baking…a bit of citrus goes a long way in both sweet and savory foods.

9.     What is your favorite cooking appliance? The food processor. I went years cooking without one, but they make things so much easier. I make hummus weekly, salsa, veggie burger, dressings and sauces. It’s been an invaluable tool for me!

10. What is your go to dish when hosting a party or attending an event? I typically make things on the lighter side, because there are always heartier things brought by other people. I like to make homemade hummus with fresh cut veggies, a big grain salad with lots of different colored produce in it, or I’m always good for a big green salad.

Just looking at the photos of Sara’s fabulous recipes will really make you rethink the microwave meal you’re about to have for dinner…seriously. Check out her amazing recipes and food photography at Sprouted Kitchen. Like Sprouted Kitchen on Facebook, and Follow Sprouted Kitchen on Twitter. Even better…Sara & Hugh have a book – The Sprouted Kitchen: A Tastier Take On Whole Foods. Click here for more information regarding content and purchasing.