Put those mom jeans down…like seriously…right now! Just because you aren’t walking the runway doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with the latest trends. Thirty Something Fashion‘s blogger, Carly is here to help. Her expertise is not only in fashion; as a mother herself, she understands the battle between brand new boots, a budget, and a baby. Her secret to winning the fight? Mixing high end design (or price tag) with affordable boutiques. She can even help you rethink your closet. Five pieces may just turn out 10 new outfits with Carly’s eye for accessories and pairing. Find out that missing piece for not only your wardrobe, but also your self with Thirty Something Fashion.

1.     What inspired you to start writing your blog? I started my blog in early 2010 after having my beautiful baby boy.  I had left my full time retail career to stay at home with my newborn. I knew I wouldn’t be able to dedicate the kind of time I used to but I still yearned to remain on the pulse of all things fashion.  The blog was the perfect solution.

2.     What is your favorite aspect about being part of an online blogging community? I love meeting and networking with like minded mothers and fashionista’s.  You have the same kinds of conversations as you would at Little Gym or a local fashion show, they are just virtual.  I also get great fashion tips and styling ideas from many of the fashion blogs I read.

3.     What is your favorite topic to blog about? Everything on the blog (aside from a few family shot montages) is about fashion whether it be a new boutique I discovered, an outfit post, or an online brand feature.  Inside the general topic of fashion, I personally love to blog about jewelry- it is my favorite accessory and I adore discovering new brands and pieces to add to my collection and sharing that with my readers.

4.     In your opinion, what is the best feature on your blog? Hands down I think the best feature of my blog is that women can relate to it and then be a part of it. After life changers like having a baby, getting that big break in your career, or moving to a new city – we are looking for some help and guidance to be our best and most stylish self.   On the same token, it is unrealistic to think that it consumes us, we have limitless budgets, or hours to search online for the latest trend.  They can relate, and they can also have the experience.  I offer personal styling services locally and also a really unusual service called, The Box Service” where anyone in the United States can take me on as their personal shopper. For more information on that visit my services page here. Ultimately, I think my readers and clients appreciate my honest voice and authenticity, and I in turn am extremely grateful to have them as readers and take my blog and partnerships very seriously.

5.     Where do your fashion ideas come from? Honestly, I have been fashion obsessed and in the retail field for over 15 years.  I am constantly shopping the market, attending fashion events, and meeting with my clients.  By immersing myself into the industry, I am always inspired and full of fashion ideas.

6.     What fashion advice do you have for busy moms and women that don’t have a lot of time to get ready? It takes just as much time to put on great fitting jean, tshirt, and blazer as it does to pull on yoga pants, a sports bra and workout shirt.  One helpful tip and something I have done for years….I pick out my outfit the night before. This shaves off major time in the morning and I actually sleep better knowing my morning is going to start off without a hitch.

7.     What is your favorite fashion accessory? Already answered this one….jewelry!!!!  Scarves are a close second


8.     What is one piece that every woman should have in their closet? Sounds so boring and overstated but a great black dress in a year round fabrication can take you anywhere, and is timeless.

9.     What fashion item says “Super Mom” to you? A great pair of “fashionable” flats says Super Mom to me!  When you are running around with little ones, you have to be safe and comfortable, but you can be stylish as well!  With the trend of ballet flats here to stay and almost every great shoe designer making a pair, there really are no excuses.

10. Who is your celebrity fashion icon? I am a huge fan of Kate Beckinsale’s style.  She knows when to glam it up for the red carpet, but she also has the mom-on-the-go, pulled together look nailed!

11. If you could style any celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be? Wow, that is a great question.  So many celebrities already have great stylists that do an amazing job.  Since I live at the Jersey Shore….I think I would love to style the Jersey Shore ladies or Real Housewives of New Jersey ladies (do they count as celebs?).  They are all so beautiful but dress so overexposed and dare I say, trashy? Sometimes they look as if they are wearing costumes.  A little style help could go a long way.

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