21 Day Shred

Now that summer is slowly winding down and taking its wretched heat and humidity with it, it’s time to think about falling leaves and of course, the newest fall trends! While fashion may be at the top of your list for fall, keep in mind that along with changing your wardrobe for the season your hair color and/or style may need an update as well. Check out these hottest hair trends for fall!

Low volume hair… While we all love a good tease, this season’s hairstyles will lack the volume of seasons past. The look isn’t quite flat ironed and pin straight, but is certainly reminiscent of those early 90’s grunge days and can even be sported with a bit of bohemian wave to it. So put your hot rollers and volumizers in storage ladies, it’s time for a new trend.

Photo: Haper’s Bizarre

It’s all about the details… In a rush to head out the door but still want your hair to look like you made some major effort? Forget the time consuming styling and just add a bit of flair. Hair accessories are super hot this season and can be found in everything from bright ponytail clips and jeweled headbands to blingy hair combs and barrettes. Whether heading to the office or out for a play date, a little hair bling can take your look from a total mess to a total masterpiece in no time flat.

Photo: Galmour.com

Bring on the bangs… Bangs are certainly no stranger to trend; however, this season we see a bang that’s less casual and side swept and more blunt shaped. While the blunt bang can still be styled with an ala Brigitte Bardot center part, the look of the blunt bang is meant to give drama to the average cut, and we think it looks sensational!

Photo: ourvanity.com

Go red… While we all know the allure of a gorgeous redhead, this season’s red goes outside the box of the traditional hue to a bolder and brighter shade. Whether you choose burgundy or copper, there is no doubt that these strands will gain you some major attention.

Photo: new.hairstyle.picture.com

Add some warmth… Whether you’re blonde or brunette, this season is all about warmth and vibrancy, so say bye-bye to boring single shades and hello to golden highlights and lowlights. If you’re blonde, try a honey or dark golden lowlight and for brunettes, mix in some caramel or golden blonde highlights. Just a few strands will leave you still looking like you, only better.

Photo: renata-beautyandelegance.blogspot.com

Still loving the ombre’… Think that whole ombre’ trend is on its way out? Well think again! The ombre’ color is still a hot trend for fall; however, the new version of ombre’ is a much less severe transition of color, often referred to as sombre’. Instead of leaving you with a look that screams, “I can’t afford to get my roots done”, the sombre’ highlights whisper, “I spent all summer relaxing at the beach!”

Photo: marcostefano.com

So book an appointment with your stylist before the first leaves start to fall and kick this season off on trend. With a hot new cut or color, even you can brave the cold weather that approaches!