21 Day Shred

Summer’s heat and humidity can make styling your hair feel like an act in futility, but fear not; there are many low maintenance styles you can still rock with confidence during the summer months. The key is to not be afraid to try something different. Maybe during the winter and fall you have your hot go-to style, but find that style falling flat in 100 degree temperatures and leaving you feeling undone. Well perk up ladies, we’ve got the hottest hair trends yet!

Beautiful braids…  Braids are no longer for little girls; today’s braids can be quite professional and elegant in appearance. For a style that will keep you cool in hot weather but still demand attention, try a lose side braid. The combination of sexy and playful works great in the daytime and paired with a cute sundress, can easily transition to date night.

Photo from miragehairstudio.com

Low, messy bun… No longer does a bun need to be high and tight to your head in order to make you look well groomed. Today’s bun has that sought after bed-head look to it, offering a truly professional look with just a hint of seduction. This style works great with layered hair as well as bangs and you can adjust the height of the bun to your own degree.

Photo from arizonafoothills.com

Half up do… If you love volume and curl but find that the walk from your car to the front door seems to leave you looking flat, then try a classic half up do. Pop in some hot rollers for extra volume and long lasting waves, then section one half of hair, tease and secure. Pull a few stray strands down to frame your face and you have a look reminiscent of the babes of the 1960’s with a modern twist that’s all you!

Photo from gallery.becomegorgeous.com

Pony with a tease… In rush but still want to look gorgeous? Look no further than a low ponytail paired with volume. This style usually works best on slightly dirty hair and simply takes a bit of teasing on top, a few strands pulled to the side for face framing, and a band to secure the ponytail. Yep, it’s that easy to pull off a look that can achieve much respect in the boardroom and many compliments at happy hour too.

Photo from honey.hubpages.com

Go with your texture… Summertime is not exactly the best time to go against what God gave you; so instead make the most of it! If you have curly or wavy hair, stock up on some good anti frizz products and let your waves go wild. Big, beachy waves are in this season so don’t kill yourself (or your hair) trying to flat iron them out. If you’re more of a straight hair kinda girl, learn to rock it. Stock up on thickening and volumizing products and use a big, round brush to create a smooth style with volume and bend. Top it off with a bit of texturizing cream to create a bit of edge to the look.  Working with your natural texture will not only gives your hair a break from damaging styling tools, it will also give you more time to enjoy the summer before it’s long gone.

Photo from officialsunshine.com

So get your hair ready for summer ladies. Whether you pin it, braid it, wave it or straighten it, this season’s style are sure to leave you looking amazing!

Sian Bitner-Kearney