Did anyone head out to Riverbend last week for the Janet Jackson show? If not, you missed out. She was amazing! The tour was entitled “Number Ones” and she delivered every number one hit and then some. Between her incredible voice, the dancing, and her infectious smile, it was definitely an amazing show.

I was lucky enough to sit 5th row with my amazing husband. He surprised me with these tickets a few weeks ago and it reminded me of the last time I saw Janet Jackson. It was eighteen years ago that I saw her in concert, for the first time. I will never forget that day because it was one of my favorite childhood memories. I remember begging my mother to buy me tickets to this concert and she said “no because we couldn’t afford it.” However, a few days before the concert, a local radio station was giving away tickets. As I left for school, I pleaded with my mother to listen to the radio to try and be caller #20 so that I could go see Janet. What are the chances? My poor mother carried our cordless phone around with her the entire day. When prompted to call in, she dialed and redialed countless times until the local DJ’s answered. She was caller number 20! My mother won 2 tickets to the Velvet Rope Tour. I soon learned that my dreams of seeing Ms. Janet in concert were coming true! She met me after cheerleading practice and surprised me with the tickets. Needless to say I was ecstatic and thinking back I still can’t believe all of the things my mother did for me. I look forward to giving everything I am to my future child just as my mother has and continues to do for me. Thanks mom!

And I have to say the concert was just as good tonight as it was 18 years ago. If you ever get the chance to see her perform, she will not disappoint.